A Charming Surprise; An Alternate Ending Fairy Tale Because I think it’s Time

It was expected that Prince Charming would charge into the kingdom and try to save the sleeping beauty. After all, he was single and the same age as the princess and, as his father kept reminding him, an alliance between the kingdoms would be smart for defense against the barbarians across the sea. So, he’d rode out on his trusty steed, Romeo, accompanied by his loyal squire, Trenton and his favorite bard, Christian, the one with the voice of an angel and cleverly written ballads. If he was going to do this, he wanted it recorded for posterity.

He chopped his way through the thick mass of vines covering the almost forgotten castle, and bested the evil sorceress’s three headed dragon. That admittedly was a little more difficult; the thing was hideous to look at and just a vicious, nasty beast. But he’d been trained to work a sword from the time he could hold his own and he simply would not do anything to shame his father. He was his father’s only son; the whole kingdom was counting on him to succeed. They entered the castle gate. The smell of dust and decay was overwhelming. Charming shuddered.

“Sing us a song, fair Christian” he said hoping to take his mind off the task at hand. Christian sang. He sang of the brave and handsome prince who had overcome so many obstacles and would soon be bestowing true-love’s first kiss on the sleeping princess. As he watched Christian sing, the prince imagined what the kiss would be like. Soft and sweet; a kiss he’d been dreaming about for as long as he could remember.

“Trenton, go out and find us some dinner, we shall rest and eat, get our strength back before I find the princess and kiss her” Charming ordered

“Of course, my lord, shall I help you out of your armor first?” Trenton asked getting up

“No, No, just go. Christian can help me, I’m sure” Charming said shooing Trenton away. “Christian, your song was marvelous; will you be so kind as to help me out of this restrictive plate?”

In no time at all, Trenton returned with some guinea fowl and they feasted. When everyone was satiated, they entered the castle and climbed the staircase to the princess’s chamber. As Charming entered, he gasped. The princess lay on her bed, her dark curls framing her porcelain face. She was beautiful. Her room was draped in pink and purple silks and a needlepoint tapestry of a unicorn covered the wall opposite the bed. A huge crystal chandelier hung above their heads. He walked over to her closet, where long-forgotten satin dresses hung lifelessly. A Countless number shoes covered in crystals and beads, lined the floor. She was definitely a princess; pampered and spoiled by the look of it. Just then, the prince jumped. He turned to Trenton.

“I heard a noise downstairs; will you go check it out? Here, take my sword. You still have your armor on”

Trenton nodded and swept quietly out into the hallway. Christian stood by the princess’s bed, staring at her. Charming walked over to stand beside him. He looked down at her face.

“She’s quite beautiful” Christian whispered “I’m sure you will be very happy with her”

“And my father would be happy as well” Charming said, bending down to her……

”But I don’t want to kiss her” He said and grabbed Christian by the shoulders “I want to kiss you” he pulled Christian to him and they embraced, kissing passionately. Between kisses, the Prince told Christian how much he’d loved him and for so long now. He stepped back, gesturing.

“Look at this place! Pink and Purple? So cliché! Oh the chandelier and that tapestry! Can someone send a message to the Victorian era and tell it we found its bric-a-brac?” Charming laughed nervously “I love you Christian, let’s run away, I can’t kiss her, I just can’t live like this any longer”

Just then Trenton returned. “It worked!” he yelled running over to the bed. Christian and Charming turned back to see Beauty opening her eyes.

“I’ve been awakened by true-love’s first kiss” She reached her hand up and took Trenton’s. He stood there clad in royal armor, stunned.

“Yes, Here is your Prince Charming” Charming said, pushing Trenton towards her. “I am Trenton, his squire and this is Christian, his bard. We are going to leave you both now, so you can live happily ever after”. With that, Charming, who now referred to himself as Trenton, and Christian left the castle to the Princess and her hero. They rode off into the sunset, seeking their own Happily Ever After.