The Only Way Out is Through

Prompt Day #4: Write a serial killer’s confession

So, I’ve been working on a long-short story called The Only Way Out is Through and I hadn’t got to this part but I had it planned anyways. I’m sure it will need some editing, but I used the prompt to work on it. Remember, these are all very rough first drafts, first attempts at the prompt.

Also, I know you are waiting for the next installment of Will Work for Food. I’ll try to get it written this weekend. I’ve looked ahead and tomorrow’s prompt will be short and silly. I’ll try to get it and the next chapter of Will Work…



Excerpt from short story titled “The Only Way Out is Through”


“You have the right to remain silent”

“I killed them, Is that what you want to hear? That I killed them? Ok. I did and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was the most intensely sexual experience of my life.”

“Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law”

“I used to pick up hookers, make the deal, then choke them until they passed out. It was the only way I could get off, ya know? Of course, once they were out, I took my money back and any other cash they had on ‘em and dumped them. None of ‘em ever turned me in…what are they gonna say? Most of ‘em were just crack-whores; probably woke up thinking they pissed off their pimp. Ah, they were dirty, toothless junkies and I got bored real quick. They were just too stupid, too easy, you know?”

“You have the right to talk to a lawyer and have him present with you while you are being questioned”

“So, I tried calling an escort service, met her at a motel, but I was out of my element, no control, you know? I couldn’t even the get the damn thing up. So I roughed her up a bit and left without paying. So, that’s when I started looking around for a van, you know? I found one, used to be a dog catcher vehicle, had that metal lattice stuff like in the cop cars, between the front and back seats. I fixed it up, ordered one of them big magnets, made up a fake travel pet spa business—girls fall for animal shit like that way too easy. No one questioned the beds, leashes, and varies restraining devices. Hell, I even had a portable shower station built in to clean up any potential messes. I ordered a few uniforms as well.”

“If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, one will be appointed to represent you…”

“Hey, you wanna fucking hear this or not? Shut the fuck up and let me finish. So, when I thought I was ready, I took it out, drove around looking. I was parked eating some supper when this chick comes up with this ugly ass dog and asks if I was open. She wasn’t much to look at but I thought she’d make a good test run. I said yeah, took her around back and shut the doors. I leashed up the dog, then I went after her. The damn dog wouldn’t shut the hell up, so I snapped its neck. That did it for me. I don’t just go around killing things; there is a purpose to the killing. Anyways, I couldn’t get into it, I hated killing that stupid, ugly thing. So I just beat her to death, carted her and the dog around for a few days, then dumped her in the river. I tried a few more times, off duty of course—no more dogs, picked women up at bars. The problem with drunk women, they don’t put up much of a fight, they don’t even know you’re serious until it’s too late, stupid bitches. Did nothing for me. Don’t ask me how many there were, I don’t know, and I don’t know where the bodies are, I just dumped them whenever and wherever seemed good. I got pretty depressed, you know? I figured I overdid it with the hookers, and now, I was never gonna feel good like that again. I decided to get rid of the whole van shit and rethink things. I needed younger, prettier, healthier girls. Ones that would put up a good fight. “

“Mr. Akers, Do you understand that you can exercise your rights at any time? You don’t have to answer questions or make statements.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m at the part about the girls, that’s what you want to hear, the three girls? You all don’t give a shit about the dead hookers and bar flies, do ya? If you did, you would have hauled me in a long time ago, but you didn’t even start looking for me ‘til those little milky-white, middle class, babies got done in, right? You got a cigarette? You’re gonna want it after this story, I promise you. I was gonna send it in to Penthouse or somethin’ but they ain’t in to snuff stories are they? Ha ha ha. So, as I said, I was gonna get rid of the van, right? But this one night, the night of May 25th, you want me to say that part, right? So the night of the twenty-fifth, I was sittin’ at home, just got off work and I was havin’ a beer. I remember it was real muggy that night and I was kinda restless, decided I might take the van out for one last joy ride, see if I can’t find a little trouble. So, it’s about 8 or so and I head out. I saw the girls pulled over, one out walking around with her cell phone, one sitting in the car with her head down, probably on her phone too and the third with the car hood up looking into it as if she knew anything she was doing. I drove past them, there were three of them and they had phones, right? So I don’t pay them much attention, ‘cept not long after passing them I hit the tunnel and thought, lucky they didn’t break down in here, their precious phones wouldn’t help here. And I got the idea, I thought I could maybe take them after all and I got real excited. I turned around and went back.  I pulled over and got out. Now there were two girls looking under the hood and the other sitting on the trunk looking at her phone. I asked them if I could help. The one under the hood, Jessica, right? Jessica Shumacher. She tells me it’s her car and she’d been driving it with the oil light on for a while, and it started making this weird sound then it quit. I figured she’d blew a piston through the motor. I made a face, kinda cringed and shook my head. Told her it sounded bad but I didn’t know much about cars. I asked if they’d called anyone. That’s when I knew I had ‘em. They had just graduated and we on a road trip across country. Their parents couldn’t come get them ‘til tomorrow. They were going to call around and find a hotel, a tow truck and a cab. Meanwhile the brunette, Lexy, was on the phone with her boyfriend and he was trying to walk her through the under the hood exam of the car to see if it was fixable. The girl on the back was looking up all the numbers they needed. So I tell them, I can take them to a hotel and save them cab fare. When we get there, I could call the tow truck and explain where their car was since they didn’t know the area. Stupid girls took one look at me and the van and agreed. So Lexy sits up front with me and the other two get right in the back, no questions asked. In fact they were all giggling and talking about how cute my little set up was. I make a lot of small talk with them ‘til I get in the tunnel, far enough so I knew they’d have no service.”

“So you said Lexy Grace was in the front seat beside you and Jessica Shumacher and Sara Payton were in the back of the van, behind the metal mesh divide?”

“Yeah, that’s what I said. Lexy was up front. So I turned my headlights out, pretending they just went out and pulled over off the side. They got a little nervous. I turned around to the other two and smiled, said something like ‘Uhoh, looks like I got some trouble myself’ then I punched Lexy, knocked her ass right out. Sorry to have to do it too, she was so pretty and when I got back to her, her eye was all swelled shut. The two in the back started screaming. I turned my blinkers on, took Lexy’s phone off her. I told the other two I was coming in the back and if they didn’t shut up and cooperate, no one was getting out alive. They shut right up. I got in the back and took their phones too. They handed them over no problem. ‘Course they were begging me not to hurt them and crying and sniveling about Lexy. I leashed them up, hog tied them. I had a bag of them plastic ties handy, best idea I ever had. Tied Lexy up real nice too. Then I got us out of there. I drove over to the lake, there is a campground there, first come, first serve. It’s deserted this time of year but still open. I drove back to the primitive spots, they’re free and parked the van. Man I was so hot, had the biggest boner. Lexy was still out. I wanted her to be awake, wanted to feel her squirm.”

“Lexy Grace’s cause of death was different, she was found to have aspirated and choked on her own vomit. There were no signs of sexual assault; no evidence of”

“No evidence of semen? That’s what you’re getting at? Yeah, I told you I said I was gonna come back to her. I ain’t so big on brunettes anyways, so I was planning to do Sara first. I liked the way she seemed so disinterested the whole time the other two were all worked up over the car. I wanted to do her first, make her show some real emotion, you know? So, I was just getting started on Sara when Lexy wakes up, starts screaming. Now, Jessica, she was quiet, she remembered what I had said, so she was cooperating. But Lexy, she wouldn’t stop. I had to stop, go back up front and stuff Sara’s panties in her mouth and I duct taped it. That was a mistake, yeah. I didn’t know she’d work herself up so bad she’d puke. I was too far into it with the Sara and Jessica, I never heard her choking. I feel bad about that, that’s not how I wanted her to go.”

“But you did plan to kill her?”

“Yeah, of course. What? I’m gonna rape three young girls whose parents are on their way to get them and then just let them go? No. but the point is, if I don’t choke them while I’m inside them, it doesn’t work for me. You said there was no evidence of rape on her, that’s cause once I got back to her, she was dead, no point. When a girl is choking, dying while you’re screwing her, man, I’m telling you, those spasms and struggles; you feel all that squeezing your cock. Listen, man, I’m telling you, these women, they’re all holding back on us. There is shit they can do with their cunts that would drive you wild. Man they can make them move like a snake swallowing an egg or something. Like a great hand-job inside a pussy. I don’t know man, but once you’ve felt that, you ain’t ever gonna go back to letting her just lay there moaning and telling you to go harder harder. Make you do all the work when she can do all this other stuff. And these girls, so young, man that tight little space made it all the better. Listen, if you guys went out right now and killed a girl while fuckin’ her, you’d come back here, take these cuffs off and bid me good day. You’d understand. So I took Sara first, and she squirmed and whimpered like a puppy . She was real dry though, that’s my only complaint. So, I’m choking her and she really starts buckin’ and squirming. That’s when Jessica starts screaming. I guess she realized she wasn’t getting out of this whether she was quiet or not. I tightened my grip on Sara until I felt her go. I came though, It was unreal how much I came. But as soon as it was done and I thought about going to Jessica next, I stayed real hard, ready to go. I would have liked to have a little more time with Sara, but Jessica was screaming for it, you know. Hah.”

“You killed Sara first? What was Lexy doing at this point?”

“I told you, I wasn’t paying no attention to her. She was tied up real nice in the front, I wasn’t worried about it. So Jessica, she turned out to be the hottest one. She fought me the whole time, I figured she’d be real dry too, so I used a lot of spit this time and because I’d just come, it lasted nice and long. I was perfecting the choking and easing on her. Man, had Lexy hung in there, she would have been the ultimate. I was thinking about taking her home with me but oh well. So, Jessica, she lasted a long time. And it was pure ecstasy, I couldn’t think, It was like the best acid trip or somethin’. I was in wonderland. I was the egg the snake was swallowing, I felt myself getting pulled into her. Every time I choked her, she sucked me in a little more, my balls were aching by the time I’d finished with her. I didn’t come as much as I had with Sara but the orgasm lasted so much longer, dry heaves. Hah.”

“How long after Jessica’s death did you discover that Lexy had died?”

“Well, it was a while, cause I had decided to leave Sara there. I decided to spread them out. I had to untie her, then I tried to wash out the evidence, you know, with the portable shower. I stuck it up there and turned it on and washed it out as best I could. Should have figured you’d still find a sperm or two. I washed her neck off real good, in case I left finger prints and carried her into the woods. There was a small creek a ways back and I dumped her in it. Thinkin’ maybe it would wash her off even more. I figured after that, I better get out of there. I’d spent awhile and I needed to move on.”

“What was Lexy doing when you got back in the car?”

“She was passed out, well, probably dead, but I thought she was passed out. Her eye was all swollen shut and I figured she’d hyperventilated or something.  So, I just shoved her over and drove on.”

“So, you dumped Jessica’s body before putting Lexy back in her car? You didn’t immediately go back to the car?”

“No, I told you, I thought Lexy was still alive. I was gonna take her back to my place for later. Frankly I was exhausted. I was spent. I dumped Jessica in the river where I left the lady and her ugly dog. I got home at midnight and that is when I saw the puke and realized Lexy was dead. I was pissed, I was disgusted, but I cleaned her up real good anyways, took the tape off, threw Sara’s panties in the trash, which really pissed me off. I was gonna keep them, but that fucking bitch sicked them all up. I hit her a few times, just to get out my frustration. I was just sorry she couldn’t feel any of it cause it was her fault I was so pissed. She ruined it. I knew I was gonna need to go out again and find someone else real soon, because like I said, once you experience what I had, you wouldn’t want to stop. So, I took my frustrations out on her and drove her back to her car. I put her in the front seat, wiped as much down as I could and left her. Fucking brunette. I should have known she’d ruined everything.”

“Mr. Akers, your decision to do what you did and then return her body to her car was why you are here. Lexy Grace did not ask you to do any of this. There is a security camera on the ATM at the bank across the street from where you picked up the girls and left Lexy Grace. It is clearly your van both times.”

“Whelp, like I said, if you went out right now and had a go just like I told you, you’d understand. But that’s all I got to say right now. I’m tired, I need to take a shit, and I’d like to have something to eat. So let’s get this booking done or whatever you need to do. And see what you can do about getting me a private cell, would you?”