The Hacker

Prompt Day # 9: Take a criminal or horror story stereotype and make a comic book superhero out of it. Try to avoid making the character a villain. Strive to be as campy-yet-horrific as you can.

Ok, I am not even going to pretend to know what I am doing with this one. I don’t read comic books. So I will write it like a summary of a superhero comic. Sorry, folks; that’s the best I can do with this one. (I know it sucks. You can’t win ‘em all)


The Hacker

Mild mannered Lizbeth Borden was a quiet, Christian girl whose father never let her date. When she finally broke free to live her own life, she was broken hearted to find that men could be cruel creatures. They called her the Amazonian and the lonely giant. The called her plain and boring. They said she was far too old to date anyways even if she was slim and cute. Then one day, she was out in the barn and found an ax. She lifted it up and it felt its solid weight in her hands. It felt as if it belonged there. Just then, her father walked in and said “Lizzy, you cow! Put that down before you chop off your foot and you end up no use to anyone.”

So Lizzy, put it down, right into his skull. The power surged through her. She felt beautiful and strong. That day, Lizbeth became….The Hacker, Amazonian, Ax-Wielding Guardian! She became a protector of large women everywhere. Women who are bullied by nearsighted men who can only see worth in dress sizes and not intellect, personality, or humor, could now rest easy knowing The Hacker will have none of it.

Wearing a leather bikini, and letting her hair down against all respectable practices of the day, she went out into the world where today, she protects women from the judgements of shallow men everywhere.