Rules for Human Hunting

Prompt Day# 14: Create a numbered list: “Rules for Human Hunting”


Rules For Human Hunting


  1. Human hunting season begins the Friday after Thanksgiving and runs through Christmas Eve, special season by permit the weekends of Memorial Day, July fourth and Labor Day.
  2. One toe-tag per hunter
  3. Kill must be same gender as hunter
  4. Kill must be same general ethnicity as hunter
  5. Prey must be post pubertal
  6. Hunters must create all weapons by hand
  7. Hunters may not use night vision goggles or any other method of enhancing senses
  8. Hunting is for sport only NOT meat
  9. Pelts may be taken only if prey has a tattoo which you wish to display as art
  10. No baiting with fast food or other unhealthy foods; natural, organic foods only (No GMOs)
  11. No Decoys (i.e. mannequins) or use of pheromones

*Failure to comply by these rules will result in immediate death penalty