Reel Kills

Prompt Day# 17: Pick a random word from the dictionary. Nouns work best; try to avoid names. Then add the word “Kills” next to it at the top of a blank page (e.g. “Trivia Kills”). You’ve got yourself a title. Now write the story that goes with it. If you get stuck, try again with a new word. (Random direct objects—like “Trivia Kills Quizmaster” or “Trivia Kills Sicko”—can help).


Reel Kills

June 14, 2015

Brisbane, Australia: A dance marathon contest came to a shocking and tragic end Saturday when 45 year old Virginia MacCutty was pronounced dead at the scene of what was Brisbane’s 27th annual Dance-Off for Charity. This contest was Ms. MacCutty’s third time participating in the contest. Her partner has been identified as Mickey Geoffries of Melbourne. All participants sign waivers stating they are of sound health to participate, and in previous contests, Ms. MacCutty was said to fair extremely well. Contest officials state at the time of her death, Ms. MacCutty and Mr. Geoffries had been dancing for well over fourteen hours. Rules of the contest state participants are permitted 5 minute breaks between songs when necessary for refreshments or bathroom breaks.

While preliminary cause of death has been ruled natural due to a likely cardiac event, Police are investigating claims by other contestants that Ms. MacCutty appeared to be tearful and upset with Mr. Geoffries. This reporter has determined that neither Ms. MacCutty nor her partner took any breaks during the 14+ hours of dancing. Witnesses state that Ms. MacCutty appeared sweaty and breathless, while Mr. Geoffries seemed nonplussed. One witness who wishes to remain anonymous is quoted as saying “It seems like the minute he took her hand and they started dancing, she went downhill but that young man acted like he was getting more and more energy the longer they danced.”

Further investigations into this ill-fated dance team revealed the possibility that the two had been having an extra marital affair. A close friend of the couple say that Mr. Geoffries had instigated the affair not long after they met and began to train as dance partners. He recently attempted to break the relationship off when Ms. MacCutty began to threaten to tell his wife, who had recently given birth to the couple’s second child and first son. This close friend speculates that Mr. Geoffries may have gone to great lengths to keep the affair a secret. “He’s been to jail before so I wouldn’t put it past him.”

Killer Reels after Murder Arrest

June 22, 2015

Brisbane, Australia: A Melbourne man has been arrested for the murder death of his dance partner after a 45 year old woman fell dead during a Dance-Off for Charity contest. Virginia MacCutty of Brisbane died in what appeared to be a tragic but natural cardiac arrest. Due to rumors regarding a failed, extra marital relationship between Ms. MacCutty and her dance partner Mickey Geoffries of Melbourne, Police began looking into the untimely death. A search of the deceased home uncovered a journal detailing the relationship as well as letters written to both Mr. Geoffries threatening to expose the affair to his wife and family. A preliminary report from the medical examiner’s office revealed unusually large amounts of a rarely used cardiac medication prescribed to treat abnormal heart rates. The deceased’s sister tells this reporter Ms. MacCutty has never had a heart problem in her life and police confirm that they have requested her medical records. A search of Mr. Geoffries home turned up multiple boxes of this medication in the transdermal form and an informant close to the police suggests that it appeared Mr. Geoffries had concentrated the doses into a small number of patches. At this time, Mr. Geoffries is being held for questioning.

Real Story Behind the Deadly Reel

June 25, 2015

Brisbane, Australia: A Melbourne man has been arrested and is being held in a Brisbane penitentiary after confessing to the murder of his mistress, Ms. Virginia MacCutty of Brisbane, Australia. Police reports show that Mr. Geoffries confessed to illegally obtaining large quantities of the cardiac medication Digiderm (generic: digitalium) and concentrating them into two single toxic dose patches. He states in his confession that he affixed them with the patch side out onto his palms which, when held against Ms. MacCutty’s palm and bare back, was slowly over the fourteen hours of marathon dancing, absorbed into her system. The toxic levels caused a fatal arrhythmia. He has been charged with Premeditated Murder which carries a mandatory death sentence, however, he is asking for a life sentence in exchange for pleading guilty. Ms. MacCutty’s sister, Margery Schakey gave this statement “He deserves to die for what he did to my sister. She died for her sin of having an affair with a married man, so now it’s his turn to be punished.” If Mrs. Schakey gets her wish, the last dance Mr. Geoffries does will be the jig while he sits on the electric chair.