Diary of the Wind

Prompt Day #20: Write the diary entry of a madman; begin by detailing some event (whether personal or in the news) that actually occurred today. Even if you actually went insane, fictionalize it.



Today has been a very eye opening day for me. I have been planning a trip to Europe for which I needed a passport. As I gathered the required documents, I discovered the envelope which was supposed to contain my birth certificate was empty! At first, I simply assumed that I had misplaced it, but then I began to think about my life lately and realized that no one has called me for some time. I then went through my recent mail and there was only mail addressed to occupant. I came to the conclusion that perhaps my birth certificate is not misplaced; perhaps it never was at all. Which can only mean that I never was either.

Diary, I must tell you that at first, it is very disconcerting to discover you do not exist but after some time, it becomes freeing. There is nothing expected of you if you do not exist. No one to judge you, no one to watch you. Of course this meant I would not be going to Europe, if indeed Europe is even real. What if I am a figment of another’s imagination and therefore all I know is actually a dream of that being? That being, I say, because if I am an imaginary creation, how am I to know if that being is human? I may be a made up monster in a child’s closet.

I do not exist! What freedom! What sheer exuberance! I will go dance naked in the rain, I will kiss all the pretty girls on the street and they will say “My, what a lovely breeze just brushed my cheek.” I am the wind, I am but a shadow passing in the night. I am off to fly from the rooftops and swim with the fish in the sea. You shall hear no more from me, diary, for you are but an empty tome awaiting the record of life. I have nothing to offer you.