I Wanna Take You To Under-Bed

Prompt Day # 27: Begin a new piece by describing the décor in the “love pad” of a monster or villain of your choice

So I decided to use this prompt to practice the advice to “Show don’t Tell”. The idea is instead of just describing everything, find ways to work it into dialog or piecemeal it in to your details without going on a long description. I decided to try this one in DIALOG ONLY. and I chose the dreaded monster under the bed. Enjoy!


I Wanna Take You to Under-Bed

                “Shhh. We have to be quiet now. I have a boy and we can’t wake him up”

Awe, you didn’t tell me you had a boy, that’s so sweet. I like a Thing that’s good with kids.”

“Yeah, well, sure. Let’s not talk about him. Let’s talk about what I’m gonna do to you when I get you under that bed. It won’t be rated G, I’ll tell ya that much, Baby.”

Heehee. You’re so cute. And you have such hideous, bulging eyes….and so many of them too. I wish I had that many eyes.”

“Hey, Hey. All those tentacles on your face more than make up for having only one eye. I can’t wait to run my claws through them.”

                “Ooh, yeah, and I want to grab hold of your big, giant horn and…”

“Ok, Shh. This is his room. Watch out for the Legos; they’re everywhere. Just don’t wake him up, whatever you do. If he sees you, he’ll be scarred for life!”

You are so sweet!”

“Ok, you have to get down on your belly and kinda scoot under. It looks small on the outside but once you get in there, it opens right up.”

Oh, I love your décor. You’re right it seems so much bigger under here. Is that a dust bunny mattress?”

“Of course! Only the best for a creature such as yourself. Lie back and relax, can I get you a juice box?”

Do you have apple?

“No, but there is some left in this fruit punch, just let me blow some air in and uncrumple it. My boy never finishes a juice box. And over here is where I keep the stale Cheetos, would you like some?”

“I love stale snacks. O.M.G! Is that what I think it is?”

“Oh this? Yep, his old Glow Worm, I keep it for mood lighting. Let me give him a little squeeze. Here ya go. Say, the green really brings out the sickly hue of your complexion. You sure are a nasty-looking beast.”

You sure know how to turn a monster on. And the stink under here is just overwhelming

“My boy gets a glass of warm milk when he can’t sleep. I pilfered one a few weeks ago and brought it down here, it curdled up so nice after just a couple days. Then what you do if you really want to stink it up good is dip some dirty socks and underwear in the curdled milk and you hang them up. See over there?”

Oh! That curtain? That’s made out of socks and underwear? You are so resourceful!

“And did I mention my boy’s a bed wetter? Breathe in that putrific air, my little love-fungus.”

“My flagella are tingling! Let’s do this”

                “Oh Baby! You know what I’m gonna do with this horn?”

“Let’s make some bumps in the night!”

                “We’re going to make that boy scream!”