Beauty in the Deep

Prompt Day #33: Describe the bottom of the sea—the very bottom—that murky place where no human has ever been

I traveled home from my vacation today and have been on planes, busses and cars all day. I lost four hours in the process. I thought about this prompt as I watched out the windows of the various vehicles and saw oceans and rivers, mountains and farms. It all seemed so poetic and so, the more I thought about it the more I decided the only way to do justice to a place no one has ever seen. It’s not very long but, HEY BACK OFF! I only had 20 hours to work on this prompt! 🙂 Seriously though, I hope you enjoy.


There is beauty in the deep

Where there is only darkness

Life creates light

Mystery has evaded man’s eager quest for knowledge

Here, the unknown prospers

Away from prying eyes and machines

And footprints of the plastic variety

Secrets are kept in these frigid waters

Icy fingers hold tight

To their souvenirs of voyages never completed

Lives never finished, Loves lost at sea

Here, there be monsters

Nightmares unimagined

Creepies and crawlies

And Creatures that bite

If you are found here

You are lost forever

In the dangerous beauty of the deep