Ode to the Left Foot

Prompt Day #39: Write about a dismembered foot


Ode to the Left Foot


Lying in the gutter, it waits to be found

Torn from its home, incomplete

The very existence of the thing now is a mockery

Move! Go back to where you belong!

You were made for this very thing

And yet it does nothing. Toes motionless

Ankle joint stiff beneath a ragged edge of

Blood and tissue and veins now empty

Nerve cables broken, messages from the brain

So far from here, too far to jump the synapses

And tell the thing to run.

Run away from the pain and the fear and the shock

Of what is yet to come for the rest of the body from whence you came

But it can do nothing to help itself

It was the first piece to go and the first to be discarded

Days go by and it sinks little by little

Into the cold mire that has been its casket, displaying it for final viewing

No more warm baths, No more snug shoes

No more painted toe nails

A trophy at the end of a race between man and nature

Just an item on a scavenger hunt for detectives