You Know You’re A Zombie When…

Prompt Day #45: Whether following the tradition of Jeff Foxworthy or not, make a list of phrases that complete the phrase, “You know you’re a zombie when…”


  1. When the bowl of body parts at your Halloween party contains real body parts.
  2. When someone starts talking about The Grateful Dead and you think they’re inviting you to Thanksgiving
  3. When you run to catch a cabbie instead of a cab.
  4. When someone tells you that you got all the brains in the family, and they mean that literally
  5. When you get asked to do the Thriller dance at every party
  6. When you try to go out and get mobbed by The Walking Dead fans for an autograph
  7. When you’re denied worker’s comp at your job after your arm falls off because being dead is considered a pre-existing condition
  8. When you are the only person in the world wants Kim Kardashian for her brains
  9. When you like to go to Wal Mart at 3am because you easily blend in with the other shoppers in the store.
  10. When you hate fast food because it’s hard to run in your funeral suit

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