Blood Spree

Prompt Day #53: A vampire has won a three-minute “all you can fit in your basket” shopping spree at a 24 hour grocery store. A sneering clerk is holding a stopwatch by the counter, finger on the clicker. Ready? GO!

Blood Spree

He’d never been in a grocery store before. He’d certainly never won a prize of any kind before. He was trying to maintain his fearsome visage but he couldn’t help but feel like a child at Christmas. The store was empty of customers except the clerk, who had been giving him dirty looks since he’d arrived. The store manager stood by the disc jockeys of the radio station that sponsored the contest. The vampire had no idea what had made him call in that night but the trivia question about why vampires hate garlic was just too easy to let pass by. He’d had a quick jog around the store when he first got to the store. The human’s didn’t see this of course, he moved much too fast for them. He had a plan and in just a few short moments, he would feast.

Just look at this Jack-ass the clerk thought as soon as he’d seen the guy. Some Goth kid all grown up. Did he have any idea how ridiculous he looked? Why did people like this always win these stupid contests? It was a good thing he was getting paid extra for staying to do this, because he’d be walking right now. This guy would probably go straight for the mac n cheese and freezer meals. He looked over to his boss chatting up the DJ’s like he was so cool. Meanwhile he’d probably get nothing out of this; the boss would take home all the radio station swag. He hated his life. He should have gone to college like his mom said. He looked down at the stop watch and back up at the clock on the wall. Thirty seconds. The DJ’s had already did their interview with the weirdo and now they were counting down for him. He put his thumb on the clicker. Ready, Set, Go!

The first thing to do was to rid the store of the garlic, after all, they all knew why he hated it and that he did in fact hate it. He went fast with it, shoved the cart full of it outside. The next cart he grabbed, slowed down enough to look normal and went straight to the flour, he filled the cart with ten pound bags and when it was full he pushed it in front of the doors and dumped them, he filled another and yet another until he had a barricade of flour bags in front of the doors.

What the hell is wrong with this guy? Does he make his own white face make up with all that flour? Morons like him win these prizes and waste it on shit like this. Unbelievable. One more minute and it’s all over and he’ll have 2 tons of flour to show for it. What the…potatoes? Now he’s stacking up bags of potatoes? Forty five seconds.

The place would be a fortress soon. Between his visual moves and the ones he was doing that were too fast for the human eye, he had every exit blocked. Soon, he would enjoy the spoils of his win.

5 seconds. He had potatoes, flour and a few watermelons. 3 seconds. He was slowing down now, probably exhausted himself. He had to return to the big red circle with the radio station’s logo on it before the timer stopped or he forfeited everything. 1 second. He made it, damn. The clerk would have laughed his ass off if the guy had gone to all that trouble and still lost. But nope, he made it. Oh, and there comes the confetti. And…what…the…fuck is going on? Holy Shit! He just killed those guys!

The two men at the end point would go first. The two grocers would run of course, but they wouldn’t get far. He may even have to snap the senior grocer’s neck. He hated to do it, the blood never tasted as good when it was stagnant, but he must maintain control. When the buzzer signaling the end of the three minutes went off, he was standing in the circle as he was directed. Confetti fell from the ceiling obscuring the humans’ view. Now was the time to take out the DJs. He took them by the heads and emptied them one after another. The senior grocer watched like a deer in the headlights for a second or two and then came to his senses. He ran towards the back of the store. There was a swinging door that went out to the loading area. He ran full force into it and knocked himself out. The piled up melons and pineapples held the door closed.

He was going after the boss. If the clerk was going to escape now was the time. He looked at the front doors and all of a sudden, the piles of flour and potatoes did not seem funny at all. He would have to either dig through them quickly or break a window. He looked around, he didn’t have time to find something to break the glass with and he didn’t want to get the vampire’s attention. Right now the thing seemed to be focused on his boss. Good, he hoped Ol’ Dan the Man Rogers could hold up long enough to let his employee of the month escape. The clerk watched as he dug through deconstructed potato soup. Just keep running, Dan, just keep….Jesus Christ! What the hell? The door didn’t budge, and Dan was out. Shit. He dug frantically stealing glances over to Dan who lay helpless on the floor. The demon was no longer there.

The sneering young grocer was no longer sneering, now he was sniveling. The vampire watched him struggle with the potatoes and bags of flour. He could hear the man’s heartbeat racing; smell the blood rising to the surface of the clerk’s skin. This would be his main course before he finished with the thick, creamy blood of the unconscious one in the back of the store. He came up directly behind the grocer and picked him up by the neck with one hand. He grabbed his hair with the other and hyper extended the man’s neck. The scent of blood was intoxicating. He brought his mouth down to the pulsating carotid and tore it open with his teeth. Blood sprayed up in to the air and fell down on him like confetti. This had been a good shopping spree. You couldn’t beat a four course meal for free.