Deliver Us of Evil

Prompt Day #56: You’re in an unusual maternity ward. Describe a monstrous delivery. Or, alternatively, the birth of a monster. Go for the gross out. If you get stuck, jump to an alternate viewpoint (Mother? Doctor? Baby? Other?)

I have to say, I got a little excited when I saw this prompt. I’m an Ob/Gyn for goodness sakes! I can tell a gross out story without trying to embellish even a little. So given permission to “go for the gross out” had me thinking of all sorts of diabolical deliveries. This one is especially dedicated to my husband, Steve, who finds what I do for my day job completely repulsive. I’m writing this one with his facial expressions in mind.


Deliver Us of Evil

                “And so, Father Stevens, tell us why you feel the church needs to get involved?” The bishop asked. His tone left no doubt the question was simply a matter of formality. The church had no intention of getting involved in any way.

“Because I have witnessed the birth of a demon or perhaps, even Satan himself. Because if we do not get involved, it may mean the end of mankind on this earth.” Father Stevens pleaded.

“Father Stevens, please. Dispense with the dramatics.” The Cardinal interrupted.

“Evil Incarnate is alive and is somewhere out there! We have to do something!” Father Stevens slammed his fist down onto the table. “It must be destroyed.”

“Destroy a human baby? You want us to go to this poor family’s home and destroy their newborn. A newborn, might I add, that you were summoned to baptize because it was not expected to live?” The bishop huffed.

“The newborn you are referring to is not in any way human nor is it living with the family. It took off as soon as it was out and we don’t know where it went. It is out there and it will kill someone, or perhaps all of us. Please listen to me!” Father Stevens looked down at his trembling hands. He clasped them together and took a deep breath. “Please, will you hear my story? The entire story. A doctor is in critical condition, a nurse has gone catatonic; doesn’t that give any credit to what I am saying?”

“What we understand is that the birth was very traumatic for all involved. It was certainly not normal, but you come to us with something out of revelations and expect us to believe you. If things were indeed as supernatural as you profess, then why have the parents not come with you? Where are the hospital representatives?” The bishop asked.

“Do you think the hospital wants any of this getting out? They aren’t going to let the public know about this. And the parents are afraid; they are not talking to anyone. They don’t understand what happened. I am the only witness that was able to clearly see all the events that occurred in that room. Let me tell you what happened.” He begged. If they would only listen, there would be no way the church could deny his request. “Please, just hear me out.” He stared at the panel members one by one. Finally the cardinal sighed.

“Go on, Father, tell your tale.” He said waving his hand in a “get on with it” gesture.

“Thank you. Now, it is as you said, I was approached by two of my parishioners, Anna and Caleb Doughty. They were expecting their first child in December and had just had an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed some significant deformities and they were told that the baby would not survive long outside the womb. They asked me to be there for the delivery so that I could bless and baptize the infant prior to its death. Of course I agreed. When I got the call, I went immediately to the hospital and was let into Anna’s room. Besides myself and Caleb, there was a nurse and the doctor. Anna seemed delirious in pain; although Caleb and the nurse assured me she had received the maximum doses of everything available and had also received an epidural. Anna was unable to speak to me. The monitor alarms were going off in the room and the strip of the baby’s heart beat was so erratic, I worried the child would not survive the birth let alone long enough to be baptized. They had Anna up in stirrups and the doctor was seated between her legs. When the time came to push, Anna was completely incoherent. The doctor told Caleb to help her up into a sitting position which might encourage her to push. She began to scream. The scream frightened me. It was not a scream of pain as much as a soul in torment. She screamed and then began vomiting profusely. The vomit was thick and brown like sewage. It smelled like sewage. It didn’t so much as come up out of her like vomit as it simply spilled out in large boluses every time the poor creature opened her mouth. The nurse turned away. The vomitus was rolling down her front and off the table between her legs. I saw a pool of it on the floor in front of the doctor. As I watched it pool—I could not bear to look at Anna, you see—I saw a thicker, black substance join it. I looked up at the doctor who was looking at his fingers in disbelief. They were covered in the tarry substance. He looked up to the nurse and said he thought perhaps her water broke but he said he had never seen anything like that. It had a sulfurous smell that mingled with the sewage smell in the room. I felt a gorge rising in my own throat but managed to swallow it down. Poor Anna’s eyes were now red with blood from the retching, her clothes pasted to her. She sat swaying and woozy until another contraction hit her. I saw the doctor lean in and the black goo ooze out and almost plop onto the floor. He leaned closer, God bless the man for continuing to do his job, and this, well this tentacle looking thing shot out of her and the end of it opened up wide and I saw rows and rows of teeth going in a spiral as far back as I could glimpse in that split second. The mouth of the thing enveloped the doctor’s face and I saw this froth spilling out of its mouth. The froth sizzled and the doctors muffled screams soon sounded as if he was drowning. He was drowning in the acidic froth the thing was spilling out over his face. The nurse fainted. Caleb stood and grabbed the doctor and pulled him back. The thing let go of him and he fell back into Caleb’s arms. Gentlemen, when I looked at the doctor, his face was gone. He had no skin, no lips. The tip of his nose was gone and one side of his face, I could see all his teeth through a hole in what was left of his cheek. He gargled and gurgled and pieces of his tongue fell to the ground. He spit out great gelatinous globs of tissue and pink froth. I looked back at Anna. There were two long, thin arms now working their way out of what was left of her bottom. There was blood mixed with black molasses goo and these arms reached out and there were claws on the hands and they dug into her thighs. The thing was pulling itself out of her. The beast’s head tore out of her, I mean tore. There were shreds of tissue hanging off her. The head of the thing came out next. That image will haunt me for the rest of my life. It was grey and its face was half rat/half man. It was wrinkled and hairless. Its eyes glowed red. Where a snout should be there were simply gaping holes in its face. There was a cleft running up the middle of its lips and fangs stuck out. It opened its mouth wide and the tentacle shot out, the one with the round mouth and teeth. It wriggled and stretched towards Caleb. I yelled to him and he turned around. He’d been trying to help the doctor, you see, such a good man. He turned around and hit out at the thing. He made contact and it recoiled back into the demon-spawn’s mouth. The creature had itself pulled out to its torso. I saw numerous rows of nipples, but maybe they weren’t either because they were squirming like maggots. And then, the rest of it just oozed out of her. Its lower half looked like one big maggot, wriggling about. Attached to the tail end of it was the umbilical cord and placenta. The monstrosity fell to the floor into the black and brown pool of gore. It squirmed around to right itself. Then, it grabbed the placenta off the floor and devoured it. The gnawing and slurping sounds were sickening. Then, when it was done, it leaned down and began chewing on its lower body, the part that looked like a maggot but it turned out it was a thick, white amniotic sac around its waist covering its lower extremities. As it bit into the sac and pulled strips of it, a purulent cream colored fluid poured out and added to the cesspool growing on the floor. Its legs appeared shriveled and useless, the legs ended in fleshy hooves rather than feet. It began to army crawl towards Caleb and that was when I got my senses back. I held up the bible and my crucifix in my left hand and threw the holy water I’d brought for the baptism with my right. Be gone, Satan! In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, return to the depths of Hell from whence you came! The thing screeched a terrible, painful sound and leaped onto the ceiling. Its legs seemed to be growing as I watched and it now used them to crawl towards me like a spider. I held the crucifix towards it and it retreated, screeching. Then it tore the cover off a heating duct and scrambled inside. We could hear it chittering through the ducts.

The door burst open then. A team of doctors, nurses, orderlies, even janitors tumbled in. I found out later that they’d been trying to get in but it wouldn’t budge. They’d called the Police and Fire Company too. The sight the must have seen. I’m sure it was shocking. The nurse lie on the floor, eyes open but all black—they’ve never returned to normal, you know—the poor doctor, face digested, eyes burned white with some sort of organic acid, Anna who had long since passed out from exhaustion, her eyes blood red and her hair clumped with vomit, her gown covered as well, Caleb on the floor with the doctor, his hands covered in the black syrup that had heralded the demon’s arrival, and me still holding my bible and crucifix out at them as if they were all Satan’s allies. Anna’s bottom was no longer distinguishable amidst the torn flesh and fluids. She has since had to have multiple plastic surgeries; Caleb tells me she will never be able to have children or even marital relations again. The walls of the room were smeared with a myriad of gore as was the puddle on the floor—a pool of deadly body fluids. And the beast—gone; vanished into the duct work at St. Mary’s Hospital.

The doctor and nurse were taken immediately to the ER to be stabilized. Anna was taken to the ICU. Caleb went with her and that left me to give a statement. I did my best to sound rational. I lied. God forgive me, I lied to the police. I told them I had been asked to stay behind the curtain while she delivered so I did not see exactly what had happened but I assumed that the nurse had thrown some sort of acid on the doctor. I told them I heard them arguing over Anna’s pain. I said some of the acid must have spilt onto Anna. I told them I didn’t know what had happened to the baby. I said perhaps she had yet to deliver it. Because, you see, I had no answers that would satisfy them. I do not know what Caleb told them, he will not talk about that day; he will only give me updates on Anna’s condition. Anna has developed a strange case of amnesia and does not even recall being pregnant. She believes she was in a terrible accident. Caleb has not corrected that misinformation. The hospital, as you know has used my story to explain the doctor’s and nurse’s conditions and Anna’s belief that she was in an accident to explain her condition to her. Caleb stays quiet. He does not agree nor disagree with any of this. I do not know what he has told his family to explain the missing infant. Perhaps he told them the baby was cremated.

But what I have told you today, Gentlemen is the entire truth as I remember it. The way the beast reacted to the bible and the holy water convince me that it is a demon from Hell and it must be found and it must be stopped before something awful happens. I beg you.” Father Stevens stopped; he sipped his water– untouched until now that he had finished his story. He looked up, fatigue darkened his eyes and sweat dripped down his forehead.

“This is a most unusual tale, Father Stevens” the Cardinal said “But I think I speak for all of us when I say we want to help you.” The others nodded. Father Stevens shoulder relaxed and he began to cry.

“Thank you, Brothers. You have made the right decision.” He dropped his head into his hands and sobbed. The cardinal nodded to the bishop who got up and left the room. When he returned he had a man with him. The man carried a small black bag. He walked over to Father Stevens.

“Hello, Father. I’m Dr. Finley. I’m here to help you.” Father Stevens leaped up out of his chair but before he could protest the doctor injected him with a sedative. He slumped back into his chair almost instantly.

“Thank you, Doctor” The cardinal said. “We do so want to help Father Stevens through this crisis.” The others nodded.


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