Prompt Day #59: You’re a living puddle of green ooze. What wouldn’t you do to slake your bloodthirst?

I was pretty blocked on this prompt until I was reading about mummy making in ancient Egypt and it used the word “Excerebration” for removal of the brain. I fell completely in love with the word and so I imagined this. It’s not much, but you will see this word again in my work, that I promise you! 



I feed on feelings. I am the tangible result of intangibles.

I am primordial, timeless. Where humans exist, I can be found.

Overlooked, lying in city gutters, amongst amusement park trash, stadiums and the like.

You step over me or onto me and never realize that I hitched a ride.

You wear your feelings like a fragrance and I choose you when your scent pleases me.

A puddle of ooze, nothing to think twice about,

I will slip into your home, and while you sleep,

slither up your nose and through the cribriform plate into your brain.

I will dissolve your grey matter and absorb your fears, your lust, your anger.

The stronger you feel these things, the better they taste.

Perhaps I will rest there within the empty cavern of your skull,

Lying in wait until your friends and family mourn your untimely death.

Their tears will be my wine.

What makes you human, is what gives me life.