Nature Bending Tattoo and Body Modification Center

Prompt Day # 69: Invent an extreme body modification technique that puts tattooing, piercing, branding and even cutting to shame.

I don’t have the greatest imagination when it comes to this stuff. I have a couple tattoos which I love and eventually, I’ll get more, because it is an addiction. I just don’t understand the idea behind the other more drastic stuff. And as a physician, it is difficult to suspend my disbelief to make up something drastic. So, while these may not put branding to shame, I think they’d be kinda cool.


Nature Bending Tattoo and Body Modification Center

You haven’t met the real you yet!


At Nature Bending Tattoo and Body Modification Center, we not only employ the nation’s best tattoo artists but also top scientists on the cutting edge of body modification techniques. If you can dream it, we can do it. Yes, we do tattoos, piercings, branding, scarification and subdermal implants BUT we do things here you won’t find anywhere else! Stop in and see some of our newest body modifications such as:

SKIN WEAVING: Our certified practitioners weave hypoallergenic, surgical grade latex ribbons in and out of your skin to create an amazing weave of colors. Combine this with tattoos to create a 3-D pixilated art work. In 6-8 weeks your skin will heal and you can change your colored bands to meet your mood, season, favorite sports team, etc. You can’t change tattoos but you can change your skin weave!

BIOLUMINESCENT TATTOOS: This secret technique developed by a team of genetic engineers allows us to tattoo an area of skin with bioluminescent phytoplankton. These organisms will live quite happily for about a year within your skin when implanted with our patented technique. When someone brushes up against that area, your living tat will light up and glow for several seconds to minutes in a beautiful blue hue. You can purchase a subscription to this service which allows you to come in at any time and have your tattoo refreshed with new organisms.

SUBDERMAL LED IMPLANTS: Don’t like the idea of sharing your skin with live organisms? That’s ok; you can still glow, with our subdermal LEDs. Implanted under the skin in much the same way as horns and spikes, we implant these lights (many colors available) just under the skin. You know you’ve put a flashlight up your nose before; you know the light will shine through. You can choose the size and/or design of the lights. We also have lights that implant beneath the skin but come up out of it.

FURRY FOREVER: With this permanent and in depth modification technique, our affiliate plastic surgeon will work with our body artists to build you into your particular furry character. No more hot, sweaty, and let’s face it; smelly costumes. We’ll change the contour of your face; add real fur, eye color changes, subdermal claw implants, etc. Anything that needs to be done to make your outside match who you are inside!




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    • Anonymous says:

      I had no idea! Good to know. For those with species confusion, you would certainly not want to choose any permanent body changes then! 🙂


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