From Blood to Ash

Prompt Day #76: Free-write a stream-of-consciousness piece that muses on the color and consistency of blood. Avoid the usual descriptions (“tastes like copper”) and search for an unusual metaphor you can extend.

This may not be exactly what Mr. Arnzen was looking for when he wrote this prompt but I like to think prompts are like training wheels. The authors that wrote them are just as happy if you take the training wheels off and head out all on your own. So, I started it and it just “flowed” into all the things blood means to me. Feel free to add your own verse to it. Tell me what blood means to you.

From Blood to Ash


Blood, a sanguine sap released from my core. My heart types its history on each cell as it passes through, sending a telegraph of feelings to my brain. If filtered of all the pain and mistrust, perhaps a sweet scarlet syrup would result.

Blood, a wine aged forty years within a barrel of flesh. Flavored by the changing seasons of life around me. Great sunny days and storms the likes of which few survive. My terroir perfecting a vermilion nectar or mortality.

Blood, a crimson connection to my kin. The tree which grows from my seeds blooms scarlet with a consanguinity that will flow long after I am gone. May my shadow be found within the rufescent shade of the tree that I’ve planted with my blood, sweat and tears.

Blood, a viscous reminder of my gender. The burgundy pendulum swings with the moon. A flushed chime rings out “plant your seed”. Tick, Tock, Tick. Soon enough turning to rust and fading away with my youth.

Blood, a vital river of lava flowing through my soul. Rolling in a flood of garnet always pushing ever on, devouring obstacles in its path, leaving ash in its wake. Until one day, it burns itself out, and there is nothing left but ashes and dust.