Long Forgotten

Prompt Day #83: Brainstorm a list of five words you would call “malevolent” or “disgusting”.  Now find one of those terms in a thesaurus. Your task is to compose a prose poem or fantastic paragraph using all of the synonyms listed next to or referred to by your chosen word.

This is a short one, so I’ll take you through the process with me. I can never decide so first I made 2 lists. One for malevolent and one for disgusting. Here they are:

  1. Nefarious
  2. Vicious
  3. Caustic
  4. Malicious
  5. Malignant
  1. Pustule
  2. Writhing
  3. Curdled: Rancid, sour, thick, clot, coagulate, congeal, decay, displease, harden, hound, sour, spoil, stiffen, thicken, gelatinize, indurate
  4. Necrotic
  5. Oozing
I decided to choose curdled because that is just disgusting to me. Anything that is curdled is just nasty. So, I used my thesaurus app (yes I have a thesaurus app and I’ll have you know it is one of the apps I use the most!)Of course blood comes to mind when you think curdled, but the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the words sour and rancid is one of those big trash bins that sit outside restaurants. So, with that in mind, here is the poem (I use that word loosely, I wish I was a better poet, but alas, I am not) I came up with.

Long Forgotten

In a dark, decaying alley sits a vessel long forgotten except by those who wish to forget

Deeds once done in displeasure, memories that hound at hearts and minds.

Perhaps nothing more than a box of chocolates hardened with age

Or a once sweet-smelling perfume soured by abandonment and isolation

But what leaks from the dented, rusty corner is neither love turned to indifference

nor passion spoiled by neglect

But a rancid, congealing stew of jealousy, vengeance and perhaps regret.

The fluid thickens and coagulates—a gelatinized puddle on the dirty cement

The cats and rats and insects make a meal of the clot while

The bruised and indurated body inside stiffens

Its blood once flowing warm and thick now cold and curdled

Long forgotten