Menarche–The Beginning of the End

Prompt Day #84: Psychic Eileen Garrett once used the phrase “the climax of clairvoyance” to describe an overwhelming state of perception in which chronological time loses all meaning and becomes fused into a unity of vision beyond natural sight. Write the stream-of-consciousness of a psychic enthralled within the climax of clairvoyance. (Alternatively, write from the viewpoint of a character who is witnessing another person experiencing it, but does not realize the other is psychic).

Menarche–The Beginning of the End 

                Carley looked down and gasped. There was blood there! That could mean only one thing—her period. Great. Friday night before the first co-ed party she had ever been invited to and she gets her period. Granted, she was a little relieved. Her mother had been threatening to take her to the doctor if it didn’t start soon. At fifteen, she knew she was a late bloomer, but she’d been in no hurry. But here it was, a red beacon of adulthood. It explained a few things that had gotten a little weird lately. The vivid nightmares, the moody spells, the loss of interest in Judd McKulsky—her crush of the last three years. But if she told her mom, she might not be allowed to go tonight, and if she didn’t tell her, she most certainly would be succumbing to a torturous exam at the gynecologist soon. Ok, she would tell her mom tomorrow, and tonight she would hang out at Jenna’s party.

The party was a blast. There was pizza and music and dancing and couples making out in the corners. Jenna was so lucky that her parents trusted her alone for the weekend. Carley’s mother never would have left without asking a relative to stay with her. Around eleven, the crown started to thin and they were left with the members of Jenna and Carley’s close knit group of friends which included Judd, who Carley no longer seemed to have an interest in. Jenna turned down the lights and called everyone over.

“Let’s play with my Ouija board!” she said “We’ll have a séance.” Everyone crowded around. It seemed like fun. Carley waited her turn. Jenna and Beth started, but Beth couldn’t seem to get it and nothing happened. She gave up her spot on the planchette to Mike. Jenna and Mike were able to make a connection with a spirit who made juvenile sex jokes and seemed to have a similar sense of humor as Mike. After the judgement had been made that he was the one pushing the planchette around, Jenna turned her side over to Michelle and Mike turned his over to Scott. Michelle and Scott took their positions seriously and it appeared they made contact with a child spirit named Billy who told them he had died in a sledding accident. He made predictions of who would be winning the homecoming game and who would be getting pregnant this year. Everyone shouted their questions and Billy did his best to respond. The crowd was sufficiently enthralled and the mood was set.

It was Carley and Judd’s turn now, Jenna had worked it out specifically for that purpose. She nudged Carley when she took her seat opposite of Judd. Carley rolled her eyes at Jenna and then laid her fingers on the planchette. As soon as her fingers touched the piece of plastic, her head fell back and her eyes rolled up. With only the whites showing her head slowly tilted back down, until it was facing Judd who had immediately pulled his hand back off the triangular marker. Carley saw not the room she was in nor the kids surrounding her. She was instead watching the future pass by. She saw Scott not much older than he was now, bloodied and mangled within a car that had somehow wrapped itself around a tree. A line of mourners from their class filed past his coffin in the next vision which blended into the one before. Michelle was crying in front of the coffin and then she turned crying with a baby in her hands. The baby looked term but was blue and obviously dead. She turned to a man Carley didn’t know and said “I can’t do this again, Jake, I just can’t.” Carley saw her again, this time older, maybe forty still crying now in a tub with a razor blade in her hand. Carley looked into the red water and saw Beth in a red suit standing at a podium. Banners behind her printed with her name and the year 2040. Someone in the crown raised a hand and a gunshot went off, Beth fell to the ground. She was being rushed on a gurney now, blood pouring out of her and running down the sheet and leaving a trail of drips on the floor. The face looking down over Beth’s bleeding body was Jenna’s. Her hair, stranded with grey peeking out beneath her scrub cap. She was barking orders as they wheeled the DOA Beth into the ER bay. Then Jenna was at home and throwing her cap onto the floor of her laundry room. Another woman came in behind her and started rubbing Jenna’s shoulders. Jenna turned and kissed her. The image of Jenna telescoped out and Carley could now see her through binoculars and then backing away again, Carley could see who it was holding the binoculars. It was Judd. Judd staring at Jenna, then Jenna was walking in to the hospital and Judd was watching from the parking lot. Carley saw Judd now waiting in the dark physician’s lot for Jenna who was walking slowly out of work. The next vision that came into focus was Judd strangling Jenna while he raped her. She screamed and kicked inside his pick-up. Judd looked down at Jenna’s lifeless body and put the gun in his mouth and fired. His blood and brains ran over Jenna’s stomach and eventually comingled with the blood running down her legs.

Mike had Carley’s shoulders shaking her trying to wake her up. The others had backed away from her. Mike was whispering in her ear.

“Carley, hey. Are you ok? Come on back Carley.”

She could hear him from miles away. The Carley in her mind turned and there stood a man who looked very much like Mike only much older. He was holding his arms out to her. She turned around and there were her friends bloody and grey, they too were reaching out to her. She let herself fall into Mike’s arms. Her eyes opened and there he was, his fifteen year old self, his arms wrapped protectively around her. She looked around at her friends and classmates, ending on Judd. She tensed. He smiled at her. Carley stood up.

“I need to go” she said. Judd stood up

“I’ll take her home.” He said. Jenna nodded happily.

“Yes, Carley. Judd is going to take you home now, ok?” she said nudging Carley again

“No. I’ll call my mom to come get me, it’s fine.” Carley said

“No way, I got ya” Judd said

“I got my period today.” Carley said. Judd sat back down abruptly. He looked around as if he hadn’t just offered to drive her anywhere.

“Haha, it’s ok. Come on, Mother Nature, let’s go call your parents” Mike said and shoved Judd over as they passed him.