Prompt Day #88: A surgeon has secreted something inside a patient during a routine operation. The time has come to remove it. At any price.




I had no choice. It needed to be hidden and kept safe, the problem was it also needed to be kept a very specific temperature at all times or the virus would have died. And had it fallen into the wrong hands the results would have been devastating. My husband never meant to develop a “super-virus”, he was attempting to engineer a virus to destroy cancer; he called it bio-chemo. But something went wrong. The virus was so deadly and so virulent, it didn’t take long for word to spread to the pentagon. That’s what happens when you work for a government agency like the CDC.

So, when the department of defense shows up in your lab inquiring about a particular genetically modified virus with bio-terrorism possibilities, you have to act fast. He incinerated all but one vial of the stuff and after ensuring it was sealed, I won’t tell you how he smuggled it out of the lab and managed to keep it at body temperature. He felt that this virus still had a chance at becoming the cure for cancer, it just needed tweaking, but that would take time—a luxury he didn’t have anymore. He expected to be hauled in for questioning, so he did the only thing he could think of to do. He brought it to me and I put it somewhere I knew it would be safe.

I’m a surgeon, and Ob/Gyn to be exact. I thought I had a brilliant plan. I had a patient scheduled for a cesarean section with a tubal ligation for the same day my frantic and panicked husband showed up with a sealed vial full of a potentially world-ending virus. I embedded the capsule in the uterine wall of my patient. Planning to keep tabs on her until he was ready to have it back and then manipulating her hormones enough for her to “need” a hysterectomy and then remove it. I know it sounds so unethical but the ramifications for the human race seemed big enough to take the risk.

This was five years ago. It’s time now. His research has progressed by leaps and bounds. He believes he knows how to manipulate the virus to target cancer cells specifically. Do you understand the importance of this? Not to mention the fame and probable Nobel Prize for him. He needs the virus back. Here’s the problem: my patient who has been having pelvic pain (likely from the embedded foreign body) for the last five years refuses surgery. And has decided that I am “pushing her into a hysterectomy” that she does not want. So she has decided to get a second opinion. This is not acceptable. No other surgeon can touch her. My husband will save the world.

I’ve been following her. I know what time her kids leave for school and her husband for work. Today, unfortunately, there will be a break in at her home, the thief will be surprised to find her home and in the scuffle, she will be shot. I’ll need to be careful with my aim, but I know my anatomy and I have been practicing at the range. When she arrives to the ER with a gun-shot wound to the pelvis, I am on call. I’ll unfortunately need to perform an emergency hysterectomy to stop the bleeding. My husband will be there posing as the pathology tech who will take the uterus to the lab immediately—while it is still “body temperature”. He’ll do the gross dissection in my call room where a travel incubator awaits. It’s not the first time a hospital has lost an organ on the trip from OR to Path lab, sometimes they are mislabeled. These things happen.

If I should fail, or misjudge my aim, please accept this as both an apology and confession. What I have done, I have done for the future of humanity, because of my faith in my husband’s genius. I take full responsibility for my choices and actions. I beg of any authority who discovers this to leave him his freedom. Whatever wrong I have done, I know he can right…and if he cannot, God forgive me.