Oh, The Possibilities

Prompt Day #94: Brainstorm a list of at least five ways you’d hate to die. Combine two. Imagine the worst.


Oh, The Possibilities

Death is not a pleasant thought

But if it is to be

I’d like to have a say in it

And die within my sleep

But what if that can’t happen

I always fear the worst

Like drowning in a shark tank

Or by a gypsy’s vengeful curse

Spontaneous combustion

While in a hangman’s noose

My throat slit by a murderer

Then trampled by a moose

Shot in the head with a nail gun

While they’re working on my roof

Which has just collapsed on top of me

Dying from an abscessed tooth

Mangled in a train wreck

Rabies from a bat

Poisoned by bad puffer fish

Hepatitis from a dirty tat

Considering the possibilities

Surrounding my last breath

I must bid you all ado now

I’ve scared myself to death.