Terrible Tales for Deranged Children

Prompt Day # 95: What is Auntie Jennie grinding into her homemade sausage?

When I read this prompt, it immediately made me think of an essay a child would write for school. Maybe “Someone I Admire” . So I wrote it from a child’s perspective. I can even see this as some weird children’s book. A paragraph per page. Sweet little Auntie Jennie and her secret recipe sausages. We’ll probably never know what makes them so good….


My Auntie Jennie has a food cart on the corner of Maple Street and Vine. She sells her homemade sausages for $2.00 apiece. Her sausages are famous through the town because they taste so good and her recipe is always changing!

But what I love most about my Auntie Jennie is how nice she is. She used to always take in stray cats and dogs. Sometimes her house would be so full of animals that there was no place to sit. And then there wouldn’t be any at all. Auntie Jennie said strays don’t like to stay in one place for too long so she never tied them up or tried to make them stay.

One time, after all the strays were gone she started feeding the rats in her barn. I didn’t like to go out there when she was doing that because there were so many rats, you couldn’t even take a step. But then, Auntie got tired of them too so she adopted a bunch cats and just like that, the rats disappeared. They were gone before she even got back with the cats!

People always ask Auntie Jennie the secret behind her delicious sausages, but she always laughs and says “you wouldn’t believe it if I told you”. It’s a secret she’ll never tell.

We liked to pick on Auntie for always having animals around. She didn’t like it when we called her Auntie Cat Lady. She sent all the cats away. She wouldn’t tell us where they went though. After that, Auntie stopped bringing animals into her home. She said it is always better to help your fellow man. Even though she was so busy with her sausage making, she started inviting homeless people and drifters to stay in her home. I’m sure it was a little crowded for her because she set up a nice comfy area for them in the basement next her sausage grinding station.

They never stayed long. Auntie Jennie said they are a lot like strays—never staying on one place for too long. She warned us not to talk to them or get too attached because one day, they’d just be gone without saying goodbye. When the homeless stopped coming around, she found runaway teenagers or hitchhikers that needed a meal or a warm bed for the night. People in town would even send outsiders her way. Auntie is a town celebrity; loved for her tasty sausages at reasonable prices.

Yesterday, Auntie told me she would no longer be letting drifters stay in her home. She said they can smell bad and it messes up the flavor of her sausages. She can be weird like that. She said she is going to throw a party for all the children in the town. We’re all invited to a special sleep over where she says she will tell us the secret to her tasty ever changing sausages. I’m excited. She said, if we’re good, we can help make them. I bet I’ll make the most delicious sausage of them all!