Prompt Day #107: Write a recipe in a madman’s cookbook



Cook Time: 1 hour to 3 hours

Prep Time: Depending on how many bodies you have and how long you like to take preparing them



4 – 5 lady fingers or whatever you have on hand

6 pints of blood sausage (sausage optional)

1 decapitated head cheese

1 side of a baby’s back ribs

Red Eyes gravy (I find torturing for at least an hour BEFORE removing the eyes makes them nice and red)

Angel’s Hair as pasta (I prefer blondes but try a ginger for spice)

Hearts of Pam

A pinch of rump roast

Nibblets of tongue—to taste

For authenticity: mix above ingredients in large kettle and set over open flame in your back yard—like the natives. Bring to a boil and simmer while you reminisce the preparation of each ingredient. Scoop into individual serving bowls, garnish with bleeding hearts. Serves four kidnapped basement slaves for up to a week. Left-overs freeze well!