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Prompt Day #108: Make a bulleted list: “Things One Can Do With A Coffin”

 Not sure why this week’s prompts have been letting me off the hook with story writing. For the most part, they’ve been easy quick things. I’m not so sure I excel at this stuff. I’m better at story telling. But I said I would do it, and so I will. No judging.

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Repurposing Coffins DIY


  • Remove the lid, and use it as planter for your basic garden flowers such as lilies, snapdragons, gladiolas, chrysanthemums and any other funeral flowers you enjoy
  • Drive spikes in from the outside and build your own iron maiden (works great for unwanted guests/Jehovah’s Witnesses/etc
  • It makes a great “Time Out” space for naughty children
  • Fill with cushions and it makes a comfy guest bed
  • Remove the lid, fill it with your passed on loved one’s relics, apply a glass top and it makes a wonderful coffee table
  • Take the smaller lid off (the one over the deceased’s head), close the lower lid, attach reins, and send your children tobogganing down Cemetary Hill!
  • Fill with household items and gift to your daughter on her wedding day as a hope chest
  • Fill with ice and beverages for a party
  • Take the lid off, turn it upside down and put back on. Fill the curved lid with cushions and pillows and you have a wonderful couch.
  • Makes a nice bed for your pet alligator or anaconda