The Bachelor Hometown Dates Episode: Trevor Visits The Commune

Prompt Day #113: Create a situation where one character (or the narrator) has to explain the elements of a deeply disturbing ritual.


The Bachelor Hometown Dates

Trevor visits the Commune

                Tonight on The Bachelor: Bachelor Trevor visits the girls’ hometowns in an effort to get to know them better. What Trevor doesn’t know is that Jillian lives in a large village-sized commune. They call themselves Teutatians, worshipping the Celtic god Teutates.

Jillian: “I’m quiet nervous to bring Trevor home. I hope he isn’t too freaked out by our religion and traditions. I’d like to believe that he cares enough about me to remain open minded about my beliefs. My people believe that Armageddon is coming soon. A lot of people would call us doomsday preppers but the difference between us and the wackos you see on TV is that your basic prepper believes they are one their own when the end times come. They focus on stocking up and learning to use handmade weapons. We, on the other hand do not waste our time with that sort of nonsense. We worship our god Teutates. He is the god of war, fertility and wealth. His followers will be protected in the end days and will go on to inherit and repopulate the earth.

I think Trevor will be open to this but the day he will be visiting our commune, is our Feast of Esus Holiday. This is the most important day of our yearly calendar. Teutates demands human sacrifice; without this, he will not offer us his protection. The victim is chosen by a complex process throughout the year. Women are important members of the tribe, they give birth and raise the children. The only women who are up for sacrifice are those who have been unable to conceive after attempts with three separate males. Once a woman has conceived and carried a child to birth, she is no longer at risk of sacrifice. Men who have been found to be sterile by the same process are up for sacrifice but for men between the ages of 18 and 50, any who are injured or unable to fight, shoot, hunt or otherwise provide for the group are up for sacrifice. The finalists in the pool of potential victims must complete three tasks laid out by the communal elders. The loser or last to complete the tasks is then chosen as the sacrifice for that year.

This year’s sacrifice is a boy my older sister dated for a time. This will be a very emotional Feast of Esus for us this year and it would mean a lot to me if Trevor was there to lend support. I know it will be difficult for him too. The sacrifice itself is certainly something one has to first accept and then try to understand because to the unaccustomed, it can appear quite barbaric, but it is very important that we adhere to Teutates’ sacrificial demands.

The victim’s hands and feet are bound and then he or she is lowered into a shallow well with a diameter that forces them into a seated fetal position. After that, one by one, our largest and finest livestock specimens are brought to the edge of the well and they are hung upside down above it, their throats are slit and the blood is drained into the well. This continues until the human victim is drowned in the blood of the animals sacrificed to Teutates. In this way, through blood, we are saved. Trevor will have the opportunity to observe this ritual with me. I just pray to Teutates that he accepts my way of life and can imagine himself living with me on the commune. It will be the first time an outsider was been brought to the group as well. They must accept him just as he must accept them. It is the only way.

That’s why I am so nervous today. Well that and I just know Mama will try to show him my baby pictures or worse, the ones from my brace-face years! Haha. Maybe that’s what I should be most worried about, right?”