American Obsession Story

Prompt Day #120: Pick a celebrity who you think is very minor in the grand scheme of things, but someone you enjoy or who you know relatively well. Change his or her name slightly and give this person a dark secret. Now, start a work of fiction from behind the eyes of this celebrity’s stalker.

If I was a celebrity stalker, I’d stalk Evan Peters from American Horror Story. I know he is only 28 and I am 40 (and not to mention married) but man I love that guy. He has the cutest smile. Totally my celebrity crush. So, while I do NOT consider him “very minor”, I could not think of anyone else I would want to stalk (If I did that sort of thing, which I don’t of course). The dark secret was no stretch of the imagination, after all, look at that baby face and dimpled smile…how else can you explain it?


American Obsession Story


Monday 4/18/16. Peter Evans is not at all what I thought he would be like. I watched his house all day today. He never left it. Not once. Girls came and went—fans mostly. You can tell by the stupid way they act when they ring his bell. Most of them are sent away by his housekeeper, but occasionally someone is allowed inside. Never more than one at a time though. But when he lets them in, they stay for a long time. I know he isn’t a big time movie star but it is somewhat surprising that it is so easy to just walk up to his door. I may do that someday, I’m just not ready yet.

Wednesday 4/20/16. Yesterday, he left the house and went to the studio. I followed him but got stopped at the gate. He came back very late. Today, I did not see much movement in the house until after noon. I followed him to the store. He wore a cap and a hooded sweatshirt. He looked so tired and so much older than he looks on TV. I looked it up and he is 28 years old, today he looks 48. Must be the grueling work hours. When he got back to the house there was a young girl waiting nervously on his front porch. She had a cup of tea so his housekeeper must have met her and yet did not shew her away. He walked right up to her alone and talked to her. Shook her hand. She had a book of something, it was hard to see even with the binoculars, but I think it may have been a scrap book. I mean who even does that, just make a Pinterest board like the rest of us. He let her in though and I waited all night, watching…she never left!

Thursday 4/21/16. He’s at the studios today, so I took the opportunity to scrounge in his garbage. There was the scrapbook from yesterday in his trash! I picked it up and leafed through it. It was filled with pictures of him as each of the characters he’s played on the show. She really did a nice job actually. This was like those scrapbooks all the soccer moms get together to make. The ones where you buy fancy paper and stickers that go with your pictures’ theme. She did that, each season’s theme was represented. Why was it in the trash though? And where was she? He left alone this morning, looking a thousand times better than he did grocery shopping. I kept the scrapbook. I thought about breaking in but I wasn’t sure when the housekeeper would be back. She’d left this morning before him with what looked like a large load of laundry. I just don’t know if she is doing it somewhere or if she just has to drop it off. I’m sitting back in my car now. I can’t leave though, I have to wait for the girl to come back out. I have to know where she went.

Friday 4/22/16. No sign of the girl. It’s so strange. The girls he let in before her seemed like your basic “OMG, I’d do anything for an autograph” kind of girls and I assume based on the time they spent in his house, they did indeed do anything. But this girl was more like a girl scout selling cookies. I think she wanted to show him the scrapbook and get him to sign it. She didn’t seem to have any motives beyond that. So where was she now? I’m going to sneak up to the house tonight, see what he’s doing in there.

Friday 4/22/16 (midnight). I saw it, I saw what he did with her. I have no words. I don’t even know how to write this. I tried to sneak into the house through the attached garage. There was a window open in the back of it and I managed to get it pushed open even more. I shimmied in. The girl was there. But she was naked, hung upside down; her throat slit wide open. Her blood dripped into a large vat beneath her. On the shelf behind her lifeless body sat mason jars full of blood. Many more than could have come from her. What the hell is he doing with all of it? She is obviously not his first victim. I heard voices and I squeezed back out the same window and back here. Tomorrow I’m going into the house. I have to know what the man I have loved since the first time I saw him has been doing with the blood of innocents.

Saturday 4/23/16. Oh my God, he is bathing in it. Bathing in the blood of virgins. That’s how he has managed to maintain that baby face of his! How he has managed to play a teenager when he was 24, and those dimples, and that happy-go-lucky smile. That explains how rough he looked the day before the scrap booker showed up at his door. He was aging. The girls he let in were all sluts just as I suspected, but then, along comes little miss innocent and he kills her. The younger and cuter he looks, the more likely he is to continue getting virgin girls knocking on his door for autographs and the longer he has playing the hot young male lead. Oh, Peter…you’re just as evil in person as the killer you play on TV…and that makes me love you all the more.