Return of The Kraken

Prompt Day #132: Kill someone creatively with a tentacle. Try to keep a serious tone…if you can.


Return of The Kraken


She knew her oxygen was running low. She should turn around and head back but the unknown of the underwater caves had become an addiction. She’d already gone further than anyone else ever had (and lived to tell about it at least). Just one more cavern and then I’ll turn back she promised the adult part of her brain that was solely focused on the status meter of the air tank. Besides, if her theory was correct, the next cavern would contain a large air-filled pocket. She could explore the geology of the walls and use the snorkel to investigate the life that existed here in secret pockets the Earth had yet to share with its most curious of inhabitants.

The passageway narrowed up ahead. She surveyed it and did the quick math in her head. She should just fit through the entrance with the tanks on her back. If she got stuck or alternatively, the passage did not open into an air filled cavern rather quickly, she would die down here wedged in an underwater tunnel. She said a silent prayer to Neptune and swam into the hole.

It was longer than it looked and narrower. She was about to consider backing out when she saw a faint light in the distance and the outline of what appeared to be a hand reaching towards her. She swam forward a bit more, reaching out for thing that couldn’t be a hand…could it? Her tanks hit the stone ceiling and she knew she could go no further. She wriggled a bit in order to try to back out when the hand she’d been reaching for grasped her wrist; its fingers wrapping around it easily. It pulled her forward wedging her into the aperture. She pulled her hand back but could not escape the grasp of whatever appendage now held onto her. It pulled until she felt her arm would leave its socket and then all of a sudden something gave and she was pulled rapidly into a vast cavern. She bobbed to the surface and popped her head up into the air filled space she had guessed would be there. She took a moment to survey the situation. Whatever had grabbed her, had let go as she came flying towards it but it had taken her glove with it. A furious fizzing sound echoed through the cavern. That could only mean one thing. Turning around she saw the air tanks angled in the crevice she’d just been tugged through, their precious, live sustaining air wasting away as she watched helplessly.

She was going to die here in this space, alone and taking all its secrets with her. She wondered how long she could conceivably survive in here. Could she stay alive until someone found her? After all, the rest of the team knew she was in this vicinity. Maybe she could still be saved. She just needed to keep her head and not panic. She took her mask off and pulled the useless mouthpiece out. She used her head lamp to peer into the water looking for the hand that had pulled her in and started her death clock ticking.

She saw it then, just a shadow of what appeared to be a thin, spindle-fingered hand. She put her mask back on and reached for her snorkel. Dipping her head into the water, she saw that it appeared to be a small squid. What she had seen as fingers were its tentacles and the palm was the body. She chuckled and then stopped. If it wasn’t a hand but a small squid, how then, had it wrapped itself around her wrist and pulled her hard enough to disconnect her tanks? She reached for it. Trying to trap the thing between her own palms like a firefly. Another squid appeared. Together they grabbed her wrists; each wrapping itself around one of hers. She dropped the head lamp. They pulled. As the light sunk she could see that they were not individual squid at all but the ends of long, thin tentacles attached to something much, much larger. They yanked her head first into the water. The head lamp lead the way as the pseudosquid retracted back to their mothership. She saw the eye of the creature staring up at her; it was bigger around than her head. She tried to scream, pulling in lungfuls of water in her panic. It opened its beak to first receive her light which she watched disappear into the abyss of the Kraken before she too followed it, praying that the darkness take her before she felt its beak crush her.