Aka Manah Yoga

Prompt Day #137: Violently disturb the populace in a weight training room, aerobics studio, boxing gym.


Aka Manah Yoga


“So have you ever taken an Aka Manah class?” Becky asked the girl standing beside her while they waited for the instructor. She’d seen the sign show up listed as a new type of yoga now being practiced around the world.

“Nope. Never heard of it actually, but someone said they thought it was similar to Hot Yoga, which I love, so I signed up. You?” the girl who introduced herself as Kate shrugged.

“No” she said “and it’s not even warm in here, so maybe not so much like Hot yoga” Becky said. She found the climate and décor of the class a little strange but never judged when it came to yoga classes and their teachers. Most seemed to be tree-hugging hippies who encouraged you to detox and cleanse your systems between classes with all sorts of strange concoctions. This particular classroom was quite dark, the periphery was lit by a series of candles (which seemed alarmingly dangerous come to think of it). Strange designs had been painted on the floor inside of well-spaced circles. All of the students had intuitively centered themselves inside of one of these.

The teacher arrived just then. She was a thin, older woman, maybe in her early to mid-sixties. She had her black hair pulled back so tight, he face appeared mask like and immobile. She wore a black leotard and leg warmers reminiscent of a 1980’s Jane Fonda work out video. The only color other than black was the red scarf she had tied around her neck like an old fashioned ascot.

“Let us begin” she said. No introduction, no history of this particular type of yoga. It was odd, but no one in the room appeared to be a yoga virgin, so they caught on quickly.

Becky found the instructor’s constant and sometimes almost vulgar moaning and chanting a distraction. As the class continued, the speed of the position changes picked up and the chanting became frenzied. Soon, her “poses” weren’t held at all but instead she seemed to be teaching a choreographed modern dance routine.

Irritation was spreading through the students as one by one, they began to stop and just watch the crazy old witch chant and undulate herself into a voodoo-like trance. Then, a young man Becky had seen in some of the other yoga classes grabbed up his bag and turned to leave.

The old woman, whose eyes had been shut while she writhed about the floor, snapped her head up, opened her eyes and pointed to the door. Her eyes were rolled up so that only the whites showed. That was freaky enough but then she screamed in a pained voice.

“Aka Manah, Aka Manah, AKA MANAH!”

The doors of the classroom blew open. One tore itself from its hinges and hurtled across the room decapitating the young man who’d been attempting to leave. The class gasped in unison. Becky and Kate were the closest (having earned that distinction after the untimely demise of college boy) to the door. They saw the demon coming before anyone else and ducked to the floor out of his way.

Striding into the room was an unnaturally tall figure. Its long spindly fingers tipped with equally long nails that had been filed to a sharp point. It wore a man’s long black suit jacket over a black top with a red handkerchief tied around his neck. This thing matched the instructor so well, they brought to mind a figure skating team if figure skaters favored the Goth movement. It was his head though that made him unique. The thing standing before the class had a large animal skull—a ram by the looks of it—where his (?her) head should be.

The instructor fell to her knees and began kissing the things feet. It peered down at her. She trembled in fear. He held his palm out to her and gestured for her to stand. She did, once again chanting some obscure ancient sounding language. He swiped his nail claws so fast it was only in the slower replays of the mind’s eye that one could discover that he had just disemboweled his one and only loyal follower.

This move broke the stunned silence of the room and the students began running in a chaotic frenzy towards the wide open doors. The demon watched them jockey for first out the door, shoving at each other and then biting, scratching, and ripping hair. Curses were slung back and forth. Kate came at Becky who held her hands up in a defensive pose. Kate growled and gnashed her teeth. Becky found herself compelled to use her thumbs and gouge Kate’s eyes out. They popped out much easier than Becky would have thought (had Becky been thinking at all).

Kate’s recent orbitectomy did not stop her trying to tear Becky’s throat out. But just when the sightless girl was about to make contact with the flesh of Becky’s upper arm, another student—a man in his early 30’s—round-house kicked Kate in the head. Becky heard the wet crack of Kate’s skull followed by a thwack and splatter when Kate hit the floor.

Becky went for the man’s eyes, because after all, the best defense is a good offense and she found she was particularly good at that maneuver.

The demon of evil thoughts and deeds, Aka Manah, drew strength from the sudden violent display. His presence seemed to block the sway of the students’ moral compasses and he fed off the hate and rampage playing out before him. When the last of the mortals fell bloodied and spent, he felt his full power returned.

He was now free to enjoy the spoils of the earth again after thousands of years. He turned to his class before exiting and bowed.

“Namaste” he said in a guttural yet sardonic voice, walking out of the room and back into the world.