Torture in the 21st Century

Prompt Day #140: Invent a modern day version of a classic torture device, like The Rack or The Iron Maiden.


New Products and Their Associated Apps Bring Medieval Torture into The 21st Century


Two new apps for the smart phone are bringing medieval torture into the 21st century. When coupled with their respective appliances, these apps from Tudor Industries make torturing fun and easy. You’ll never want to stop!

The I-Rack and App: Place your victim on the environmentally conscious bamboo rack (now with lumbar support) and apply the air-cushioned wrist and ankle restraints. Turn on your smart phone’s blue tooth and connect. Open the app. You should see a digital image of your victim along with current BMI (this value will change as your victim’s height increases), pulse, and respirations. Using the same finger/thumb movements you use to enlarge a photo on your phone’s screen, stretch your victim to his or her extreme no cranking necessary!


Release The Pendulum: Utilizing a similar bamboo table as the I-Rack, your victim is once again strapped onto the table. Connect via Bluetooth and open the app. This device is so much fun, you’ll want to keep your victim alive just to keep playing. The app functions much like the popular app game Cut the Rope, you pull back the digital pendulum on the screen and let it swing. When it reaches the right spot, cut the rope digitally and the pendulum will drop its razor sharp blade onto your victim’s mid-section. For just $2.99, buy the deluxe version that allows you to move the pendulum up and down the victim’s body. Well timed drops allow you to make the fun last longer!