Cautionary Tale

Prompt Day #153: What do real monsters do on Halloween? Dramatize.

I don’t know why when I read this prompt, two things ran through my head, one was a song off the Fraggle Rock Album I had as a kid which went something like: “What do Dozers do all day…” and then also, probably because it is Christmas time and not Halloween, I was reminded of a book my mom read us when we were kids (Yeah, I’m waxing nostalgic tonight, sorry) called “A Thingamajig Christmas” It was a rhyming story about these rude and naughty creatures called Thingamajigs who had to behave themselves at Christmas so Santa would bring them gifts. So, I kinda wrote a kids’ poem but maybe it’s a little too morbid for kids. I don’t know where it belongs—maybe just the trash…It’s growing on me though, so maybe not.


Cautionary Tale

On All Hallow’s Eve

Real Monsters creep

They put razors in apples

And never give treats

They lurk in dark places

With sharp teeth and claws

They’ll rip off your head

Without giving a pause

Bathing in blood

And gobbling up guts

Making your liver

Into deli cold cuts

They lurk under beds

They’ll bite off your toes

And it’s never a joke

When they steal your nose

They’ll drink up your tears

Embody your fears

And never let you forget it

Real Monsters exist

Stay out of the mist

I swear you won’t live to regret it.