Final Exam

Prompt Day #154: Describe an autopsy from the viewpoint of the corpse


Final Exam


When I returned to consciousness, the first thing I was aware of was my inability to move. While I was aware of my limbs and their location, they felt stiff and heavy. I could not move them. I was cold, so cold and yet, my body would not shiver. The misery was intense. I tried to call out, to beg someone to help me, but I was trapped inside my own useless shell.

It was dark and I couldn’t initially determine whether my eyes were open in an area where light did not exist, if they were open and I was blind, or perhaps my eyes were closed and my lids, like the rest of my body, were not responding to my telepathic commands. I tried to remember what I had been doing prior to finding myself in this strange and unfamiliar situation. I couldn’t remember though. I wasn’t even sure who I was anymore. Only that I was.

I suddenly became aware of movement. My body being slid, lifted, and moved. I could not hear anything but I somehow knew I was being moved. Thankfully I could not feel air passing over me, although the core of my body was still chilled, I was almost getting used to it. The movement stopped and I was lifted again. My body fought against gravity, it seemed so much heavier but perhaps it was in the way I was being lifted.

I was dropped onto a cold, hard table. Something like a raised stiff pillow held my head up off the platform I was laid on. I briefly imagined my head had been lain on one of those sinks at the hairdresser, but even those sinks have more comfortable chairs than this frigid and uncomfortable thing I was lying on. I thought then that perhaps I was on a CT or MRI machine. Somehow I knew what that felt like, I briefly and nebulously recalled an injury; a leg perhaps?

A thin, icy pressure ran across my forehead, and whatever it was abusing me was scraping my skull, this I could hear deep inside my brain. Then, my face was being pulled. I don’t know how else to describe it. An intense pressure, like sinusitis, rolled down my face leaving behind an exquisite intensity much like ice cream on a cavity. The darkness lightened as this sensation washed over me but still I saw nothing. I was aware of shadowed movements but nothing more.

A roaring, louder than anything I had ever known echoed inside me. It’s pitched ranged from a high octave to soft vibration and the icy line that had been there earlier was lit on fire. All of a sudden, my head felt lighter, as if the top of my head was floating away. It was an odd but not unpleasant feeling. The lightened view I’d enjoyed just a moment ago was gone, the darkness swaddled me again and for good.

There was a pressure on my chest. I was being opened like book, and then there was something foreign invading me. A living creature swam through me, seeking out my innards and devouring them. Swallowing each organ one after another whole. I was left empty and hollow. A weight, heavy and solid was placed into the hole left by the hungry thing that had stolen half of me. The book of me was closed then and I felt something sliding in and out of my skin. I was a child’s sewing card, large thread crisscrossed over my chest and abdomen. With each stitch, I felt less. My legs were already lost to me. I had no idea if they were even there. My head had floated away. The void that had once been my torso still lay heavy on the table, burdened by the sandbag left to replace my previously consumed organs.

I do not know how much time has passed. My consciousness comes and goes like the breeze. The chill that once embraced me, nibbling on my skin, is gone. It has been replaced by a melting heat. I am only aware of its existence as I am of my own. I believe we two are becoming one, I am fire now, I am ash floating up and up beyond the veil. Free of the tethers that held me to this life.