Days 3&4 of Karmas

On The Third Day of Karmas


Of course I cannot explain to you how I happen upon some intimate information on my victims. But I have had my eye on a particular young lady for some time because she is the epitome of lust. This young lady is known throughout the town, and to half of the town’s population, she is known biblically. She has been treated for every common STD at least twice and yet, the woman is only twenty-six. Her children are scattered about, living with various relatives of either hers or their father’s.

One does not even need to follow her to know where to find her so on December 20, I went to the local pub and watched her work her magic with several gentleman who invited her back home with them. I followed them thinking this would be a special gift to the public because I would be presenting several victims in one.

I didn’t have to drug them, they did a fine job of drugging themselves and because I am a killer not a sadist, I let them finish their orgy before beginning my work. I added my own personal drug for good measure though because I can’t have them moving while I complete my piece of art.

I used the dremel tool to erode sores into her skin. I covered her in them, her lips, her arms, legs, buttocks, and breasts. I did the same to her three admirers. And then I cut off their penises. It was convenient that she chose three men; one for each hole and I filled her holes with their genitals. I nailed her spread open body to the large wooden X I’d fashioned back when I decided what I would do for my 7 days of Karmas. I had to shove the anal penis in almost entirely in order to get her on the wooden X, but she didn’t seem to mind.

The men, with their few sores (not nearly as many as the lustful whore’s of course), were placed on their knees worshiping her, but they were not going to get away that easily. I tied a thin rope around their balls, sitting there sticky with blood from the decapitated penis, and ended the leash in the whore’s teeth. I had to glue them to her teeth because she could no longer help, although her heart was still beating as was her suitors’. I would need to remedy that before this was all over. I cut the men’s tongues’ frenulums (the piece that ties the tongue to the mouth) so I could pull them out and stake them to the ground. It was perfect, I was so proud.

But they weren’t dead. I could see it in their eyes. They were paralyzed but aware. And as I said, I am not a sadist, the others bled out so quickly so I needed to do something. Because this sin is about lust not love, I carved out their hearts and left the four of them burning at the base of her crooked cross; a sacrifice to the pleasures of sin.



On The Fourth Day of Karmas


There is a man who panhandles every day downtown. He has never been in the military, he has no physical constraints. He has a home given to him in a will. He could work and in fact has been offered work yet instead he chooses to sit and beg for money. He does quite well for himself with his little pity show. He got my attention that’s for sure. I donated my special medicine to him and he agreed to come home with me and let me do a little work for him.

On December 21, I punished a man for the sin of sloth. I liked the way my dremel tool worked to make shallow sores on the lustful sinners, so I used it again, this time with a larger attachment and made decubitus ulcers—bed sores– down to the bone on his buttocks. It was the first thing I did because I needed to give the maggots time to really dig in and make it their new home.

Then, I had to unhinge his jaw, I needed to do it, it was the sculpture I had in my mind. If I had more time, I would have injected fungal spores below the skin, but I had to improvise. I raked his back and worked some moss into the wounds, I had to suture it in though, because I knew how the body would be displayed; I didn’t want it falling off.

I injected drugs to slow his heart until it barely pumped at all. I wanted it thick and lethargic like his attitude towards life. I filled his gaping mouth with rotted meat, like a bird house for flies. His drool ran down his front almost continually and that brought the flies as well.

He wanted to be a bum, he should smell like one. It wasn’t hard to get that shit and urine smell, because he was already pissing and shitting himself. I just helped him smear it around. I took him back to the overpass as soon as it turned dark. I need time for this set up and I would need to do it between cars. I strung the bungee cord lengthwise, parallel to the bridge so that is hung like a string of Christmas lights. I tied his legs and knees to it and his right wrist so he hung there like a sloth. His left arm dangled out palm up begging someone passing below to notice.

I wanted them to notice, of course I did, so I slit that wrist and let his slow, thick blood drain away his life in the same way he was letting his life fade away when he was begging. His blood fell like syrup from the sky, eventually someone would notice. Perhaps a maggot or two would fall from his ulcers. The flies had congregated in his mouth and it wouldn’t take long before maggots would take up residence there as well. Ah but such is the life of a sedentary man.