The Fifth Day of Karmas

On the Fifth Day of Karmas


There is a man, a very large man, the kind you see riding the electronic scooters at the grocery store who is on disability due to his size. He is a young man but does not work for a living; instead he receives government assistance with which he purchases and consumes food that maintains his disability. Some days, he goes to the Chinese buffet and angers the owners by challenging the all you can eat promise.

It is not difficult to poison a man who constantly puts food into his mouth, one must only poison the food. It is much more difficult to properly dose a man who is unweighable by conventional scales with just the right amount of sedative. And once he is properly drugged, the most difficult task of all is moving the behemoth in order to place him in my most imaginative tableau yet.

I had to be creative. I wanted to display him somewhere appropriate. The local grocer was called The Cornucopia and its windows were currently decorated with scenes from A Christmas Carol by Dickens. The ghost of Christmas Present towered over the parking lot painted on a large floor to ceiling front window. It was here I intended to display my glutton.

I sent him a letter and told him he had won a Christmas shopping spree. I told him to be at the store at midnight, that we would have his cart charged and waiting for him. I took my RV, setting up all my necessary equipment in it as my home base.

On December 22, prior to his arrival, I set up the large and steel reinforced banquet table out front. I piled the rotted food all around the center leaving plenty of room for the main course. When he arrived, and parked in his handicapped spot, I drove the cart out to meet him at his car. He was so intent on getting more food for himself, he didn’t ask why the lights were out in the store. He didn’t ask what the tableful of stinking food was about and he couldn’t get away fast enough when I injected him with horse tranquilizer.

The hardest part was getting him undressed, posed, and up onto the table, but I managed by laying him on the makeshift “dinner tray” and using car jacks and an engine hoist, I got him up there. Curled into an almost fetal position on his knees and forearms, I extended his head so that it faced the head of the table. I shoved a small plumb to the back of his throat and then wedged an apple so far into his mouth, I heard his jaw dislocate.

Now, for the piece de’ resistance for my little piggy. I inserted the enema tubing into his fat behind and hooked up my RV’s sewage tank to it and began to pump him full of the filth that he, in life chose to fill his body with. I pumped until I saw it leaking out his nose and listened while he choked to death on the waste. I didn’t turn it off until the filth flowed from every orifice of his body. Until his stomach enlarged and the purpled skin began to burst.

The stink from that table was choking me. It filled me with disgust. I left him to wallow in his sin because I was not handicapped by my own vices and I had work to do.