Little Molly Menses

Prompt Day #175: Pervert a popular holiday gift


Little Molly Menses


Baby dolls that eat, drink, cry, talk and wet their pants—-Boring! It’s time for tweens to have a doll they can play with and learn about their bodies at the same time. This year’s hottest new toy for young ladies is “Little Molly Menses”

-Molly talks: “Don’t touch me!”, “I don’t know why I’m crying”, “I want chocolate”, and “I have cramps”

-Molly cries for no good reason. Her stomach really bloats and her hair gets greasy.

-Molly gets her period!: Molly comes with two maxi pads and two tampons (they can be washed and reused). Your little girl will learn about her own anatomy and feminine hygiene while caring for Molly during the worst time of the month*.

-Molly comes with other accessories too: Put on her “period pants” with stretchy elastic waist band when she gets bloated. Give her some of her Midol tablets when she gets crampy (Midol tablets mixed with water causes Molly to get her period. Be sure to buy extra Midol tabs for Molly so your daughter can have menses fun all year long!), and king sized Hershey Bar.

                –Other fun accessories sold separately: Heating pad, box of Kleenexes, Lays potato chips, Acne pen for realistic pimples, Hair scrunchie and yoga pants outfit, Season One of the Gilmore girls, Granny Panties and Stained pajamas.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the AMA. Talk to your doctor to see if Molly Menses is right for your daughter.


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