The iTomb

Prompt Day #177: Detail the interior design for a completely fabulous coffin


The iTomb

Now from Apple, the ultimate after-life experience: The iTomb. The iTomb is a smart coffin from the geniuses at Apple inspired by the death of their founder, Steve Jobs. Your loved one can rest in comfort for eternity—or until the next version comes out. Be sure to buy the extended warranty plan that allows your friend or family member’s remains to be continually disinterred and replaced into the newest updated eOS (eternal operating system)

The smart coffin comes in classic white, black or the new rose gold edition but it’s the internal features that make this coffin stand out beyond the rest. Heated and ventilated cushions with built in shiatsu massage rollers to keep lividity from turning your loved one’s bottom purple. Built in Wi-Fi hotspot with full service as deep as eight feet or within 3 feet thick marble walls. Ten inch iPad integrated into the interior panel. Download the iTomb app so you can randomly take “corpsies” of your recently departed to share on asocial media. You can also use this app to send your dearly departed digital flowers or a song to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Choose the iTomb 6S with standard satin liner or the iTomb 6F with comfy fleece liner.

Charging station incorporated into optional stone marker or bronze plaque.