Prompt Day #189: Write about a fanatical fan with an offbeat and very secret collection.




Disturbing Find at Home of Local Man


When police were called to the home of 34 year old Philip Sears because of an offensive odor, they found more than even they could have anticipated. The body of Mr. Sears was discovered Tuesday evening after several complaints from neighbors about a bad odor coming from the apartment where he’d lived for the last five years. Upon further investigation, it was determined that he had not shown up for his job as a forensic scientist at BioSolutions Inc. Monday or Tuesday.

Upon entering the apartment, police found Mr. Sears’ body in a small second bedroom that had been converted into a space to house his unusual collection. The cause of death is still pending but a reliable source tells this reporter that he appears to have died accidentally in an act of auto-erotic asphyxiation. What made an already strange story even more so was the collection housed inside the small, meticulously organized room.

Findings have led investigators to believe that Mr. Sears was a “fan” of female serial killers and other female killers on death row. A large cabinet contained files on at least twenty women Mr. Sears was in contact with at the time of his death. Another shelf held specimen jars labeled with the articular inmates name, inmate number, date of birth, and date the specimen was received. The specimen in question appear to be used tampons or other sanitary products allegedly given to Mr. Sears by the women. Another investigation is currently underway to determine how the women were able to send out mail containing such biohazards when all death row inmates incoming and outgoing mail is to be searched and approved by prison personnel.

Beside each jar, investigators discovered a test tube labeled similarly. Preliminary reports found this material to be each woman’s DNA extracted and replicated by Mr. Sears presumably performed at the lab where he was employed. Our source tells us that so far only two of the twenty women prisoners have admitted to giving him their sanitary products with permission to use them to obtain their DNA. We understand that one has said he promised immortality by way of a “do-over.” Mr. Sears told the women that after their death, he would clone them, thus allowing them to re-live their lives.

While it is unclear whether Mr. Sears did indeed plan to follow through on his promises, one thing is certain; “this man was clearly a hybristophiliac—a person who is sexually aroused by a partner or fantasy of being with a partner who has committed an atrocity such as rape or murder.” Dr. Thad Browning, Ph. D. of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. “Many serial killer have fans. Most are of the opposite sex and most are women followers of male killers. There is of course the opposite as well; men who are fans of female serial killers although certainly the numbers are much less.”

At this point, early in the investigation, Mr. Sears’ death has left no closure and opened many questions and investigative trails to follow. It is obvious at this point, a much closer look at the oversight in at least twelve maximum security prisons in the U.S. and one in the U.K needs to be thoroughly questioned.

A spokesman for BioSolutions has released a statement informing its clients that the wing where Mr. Sears worked has been closed until they are able to determine if any contamination occurred during his employment.

This reporter will continue to follow this fascinating story and as more information becomes available, we will continue to keep you updated.