Life with a Knife

Prompt Day #192: A killer loves his survival knife, but feels it doesn’t love him back. Dramatize.

 I wasn’t sure how to work this one out. So strange. So I simply imagined him trying to have a “why don’t you love me anymore” discussion with this inanimate object.

Life with a Knife

I’ve done everything for you, why can’t you see that?

Haven’t I fed you, cleaned you, protected you?

You’re dull to me now, you’ve lost that glint.

But worst of all, you never talk to me anymore. Why? Is it the pills? I’ll stop taking them. I thought they would help me think better, more clearly. I had no idea you’d feel so strongly about them. I’m not choosing them over you, darling. If taking them means you’ll stop talking to me, consider them flushed.

I can’t do this without you. How will I pick out the right girl? You’ve always helped with that. The way you vibrate and get hot in my pocket when I see the one.

We were a team, taking turns. I’d penetrate her and then you would. I loved watching you plunge into my girls over and over. So sexy.

Remember the last time? You got so wet and sticky. After that I took you home and spent the rest of the night washing you, rubbing you down with oil, and sharpening you to the thinnest edge. We’ve lost that edge in our relationship.

You have to be all in, my love. If not, the cuts are jagged and leave a pattern easily traced back to us. They’ll take you away from me, and they’ll do terrible things to you. They’ll tear you apart and they’ll pit you against me. You will be my undoing, our undoing.

We’re driving to the lake now. We have to say goodbye. I can’t take this silent treatment, it can’t be like this between us. You don’t love me anymore. I can’t trust you. When you’re lying there cold and rusty at the bottom of the lake, you’ll think of me up here with another knife, maybe even a bigger one and you’ll be sorry but it will be too late.

You’re cutting out my heart, leaving me in pieces. I’ll always love you. You’ll always be a part of my first kill. I just always thought you’d be a part of my last as well but I’m not ready to stop yet. Goodbye, my love.