The Shadow

Prompt Day #194: Pick a federal or religious holiday and turn it into a motive for murder

 I’m not sure how to make a day a motive for murder. And I know Groundhog Day is not technically a Federal or Religious holiday but it certainly is where I come from. In western PA, Punxsutawney Phil is an icon and Groundhog’s Day is practically a religious holiday. So, I thought it might make for a crazy killer who basically doesn’t touch you unless you see him…

The Shadow

                Do you see me? I am your shadow. I stand watching, waiting. Can you feel my presence as you sleep? Perhaps you don’t notice and go about your day. I am just another piece of darkness in your life. Perhaps you are aware but choose to be brave, choose to ignore me. Death, after all is always in the periphery biding his time.

                I seek you out. I follow you, learn your ways. I choose you. You will be tested. I have stepped from the night into the sun so that you may see. But do you? Do you look at me?

                I watch you sleeping, standing here, still in the corner of your room. Do I invade your dreams? You whimper in your sleep and I smile. You know deep within your soul that I am here breathing the same air as you, hearing the same sounds of the night. I watch the numbers turn minute by minute waiting patiently until the hour of your final test has arrived.

                You awake, yawn, rub the sleep from your eyes. I do not move. I am barely breathing. If you are to discover my presence, it must be through sight. I do not crouch, I do not try to hide behind the door. No. I am here to be seen. Do you dare? I hold the knife tightly in my grip. It too is patient. If you see me and run, there will be darkness for you and a frenzy of activity for us. If you do not see this shadow, your life goes on and we will go.

                There are not many killers who give their victims this opportunity. I am fair. I am your shadow. When you awake on February second, your test begins. Your life stands on a border between the spring of a new day and the cold, dark winter of death. Will you see me and run or will you walk on by?