Murder Machine

Prompt Day #197: The title of your piece is “Murder Machine”

This is last night’s prompt. I was literally working on the last two lines when a baby decided to come into the world. It’s funny, kind of, when you think of the duality of the human mind which at one moment can be constructing a poem about taking lives and in the very next, it’s focused on bringing life into the world.

Anyways, I do not profess to be a poet and this is probably 6th grade level poetry, but there are a few lines that I happen to really like. Funny how one sentence or phrase can be art, even if only in the ears of the artist.


Murder Machine


Please do not build me a murder machine

No mechanized, self-moving, labyrinthine

Apparatus to behead, to torture or slay

And bathe in the blood of a human puree

I want to do that.


Murder is passion, two lovers entwined

Then one leaves the other a soul unconfined

To corporeal prison. Mortality’s end

Of a heart that once beat for the touch from a friend

Love is a monster

Murder is hatred, the end of a dual

Halting a life force; deliciously cruel

When watching him struggle beneath my bare hands

Testing the pressure a windpipe withstands

And then I add more


Murder is instinct; Predator versus prey

A predisposition, a wild display

Gnashing of teeth and flesh opened wide

To survive, the fittest commit homicide

With the utmost savagery

So don’t build a contraption to take over my fun

When it comes down to murder, I’ve not yet begun

To slaughter, to ravage to render the ghost

A frenzy of bloodshed pleasures me most

I am the murder machine