Mystery in Denim, Part I

Prompt Day #207: Pen a passage about a possessed garment.

So this is short and really only the beginning of a longer piece (as I see it in my head), but I must be honest: I’m sick which make me tired and my brain feels foggy. Yet, I said I would write daily and so I have. This is an entire story in my head and I promise to try to finish it as soon as I feel better. Thanks for reading and understanding.

 Mystery in Denim

                Beth shuffled around the Goodwill store. Her friends always drug her here and she would bide her time walking through the aisles touching the old items here and there never feeling that spark of inspiration her friends did. She wasn’t that type. She wasn’t creative in the way one needed to be to pull off the “shabby chic” look. She didn’t even care that much about fashion for that matter. She went to school because that is what good girls who wanted to go to college did. In fact, she should be home studying for the Calculus mid-term; Mr. Bailey could be such a hard ass.

She let her hand trail mindlessly over a row of donated clothes marked as her size. Nearing the end of the row, her hand spasmed shut on the arm of an acid washed denim jacket. She pulled her hand back and massaged it staring at the jacket which also sported several small pins with 80’s hair metal bands. She smiled. It was kind of cool. Beth pulled it off the hanger and tried it on. It fit perfectly.

“Oh my God, Beth! Look at you!” Kayla said running over to the full length mirror Beth was admiring herself in front of. “That’s so vintage. That is like completely retro. And it looks awesome on you.”

Beth didn’t move. She stared at herself. She looked so…cool, so self-confident, actually sexy but mostly nothing like herself. She loved it. She wanted it. The girl staring back at her didn’t even look like her anymore. The girl staring back at her was vibrant. Her eyes were dark blue like the ocean in autumn and her hair brown with natural wide soft curls like the waves on that same sea. The best yet was the breasts rubbing against the inner portion of the jacket. They were larger than Beth’s.

“Beth! Hello? You have to pay for that.” Kayla said snapping her fingers in front of Beth’s face. Beth blinked and the girl in the mirror was gone, leaving Beth’s reflection as a weak imitation. “Are you going to buy it?” Kayla asked.

“Yeah, I am actually” Beth said reluctantly taking it off.


She spent the rest of the weekend studying for the mid-term and wearing the jacket. She found herself multiple times lost in the image staring back at her from the mirror above her vanity. Taking a break to put on some make-up, she chose a darker shade of red lipstick that Kayla had left after a sleepover. She pulled her hair out of the ponytail and shook it. It felt nearly right. Her hair was a shade or two off. She thought maybe she would try changing it after the final. She shook her head. If she didn’t concentrate, she would fail the final and end up it in Boring Bailey’s class another year. She took the jacket off and threw it over the back of her vanity chair. Something fell out of the pocket and fell to the carpet with a soft whoosh. She picked it up. A folded up piece of paper. Beth unwrapped it. It was a calculus final; correction, it was Bailey’s calculus final! She stared at it. The girl who owned this jacket before—Lila Norman had been in Bailey’s class and had taken his final, and even better, she’d aced it. Bailey had written a note: Strong Work! See me after class.

                The test proved an excellent study guide which freed up a considerable amount of her weekend. She decided to celebrate her find by coloring her hair. On a whim, she bought some hot curlers too. She liked the look of the girl she could be; the sexy, self-assured one who wore the jacket on the other side of the mirror. Lila Norman.