A Date with Death

Prompt Day #210: Run with this first line: “There were bone chips in the blood puddle.”

A Date with Death


There were bone chips in the blood puddle and brain fragments on the wall. When I came out of the fog, the gun was in my hand. There didn’t seem to be a question about who did it, but the thing was, I didn’t know why. Why did I do it?

The body was slumped to the left. There was an obvious entrance wound in the right temple and a big blown out hole in on the left side of the head. I couldn’t see the left eye. I suspected it was mingled in with the grey matter dripping down the walls. Beneath it was the puddle of blood and bone pieces. I could only stare. I felt nothing. I guessed that might be shock. But there was no residue of anger or pain or sadness to explain my actions.

Now what? What do I do? I couldn’t very well clean it all up. And where did the gun come from? I tried to remember…something, anything about what happened right up to the shooting. But there was this weird watery screen in my brain like rain washing down a window. So hard, I couldn’t see through it.

I wanted to run away and yet, I wanted to stay too. I couldn’t leave. I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped. The figure standing beside was covered in a black hooded robe. His hand was so thin and boney.

“Are you ready” he asked in a raspy voice.

“No! I don’t know what happened, I…” I stammered. The hand fell off my shoulder and pointed at the body.

“Is that not your body?” He asked me

“Yes. Yes, that’s me. That’s me but I would not have done this to myself. I don’t know why I’m holding the gun. I don’t remember being sad. I don’t remember being anything.” I said. I was panicked. I knew who he was and why he was there for me.

“Your living memory is fading. That is the way of it.” His voice was softer, kinder now. “It is not for you to answer how or why right now. You will know in time but it will not matter then.”

He took my hand and gave a gentle pull.

“Come. Leave this broken body behind.”

I took his hand and we turned. The light around me dimmed until I could only see him and me and a tiny pinpoint of light far in the distance. We walked together he and I. I looked back once and saw a crumpled form on the floor of what have been a bedroom. I didn’t recognize the room or the poor broken body on the floor. It was so far behind me yet, I could still see bone chips in the blood puddle.