Prompt Day #215: Photocopy the grossest scene you’ve ever read. Cut the words out and scramble them. Play with the terms (like refrigerator magnets) until you have come up with a poem, a story title or an opening sentence.

Ok, I hate to admit this, but I am rarely bothered by something I’ve read. Maybe I am desensitized, or maybe I have a terrible memory but I can’t think of anything specific and doing these every day, leaves me little time to think of one, find the scene in the book, photocopy it and work with the words. BUT I am a huge fan or refrigerator magnetic poetry. I have a few kits (Zombies, Fridge of The Damned, Edgar Allan Poe, etc) so I went to my big magnet board and scrambled all the words up and made a poem using words from every kit. Hope you like it.




I See

Flesh-eating demons swallowing steaming chunks of rotten brain


Soulless cadavers writhing in wet eviscerated pieces

Do I scream?


I feast on unctuous horror

Hungry for anything grotesque, vicious, or damned

Wandering through the black, wretched night

A strange woman who lives on madness