Prompt Day #218: Sculpt (or sculpt with) bone

 Idk. How does one even compete with a movie like Tusk where a psychotic walrus lover (Michael Parks) makes his own walrus out of people parts (Justin Long). He sculpts femur bones into tusks. So, while this may or may not exactly meet the criteria of the prompt, I kinda like it anyways.


                It was a night like this five years ago today that you left me. I remember there were no stars in the sky and the new moon turned its back on us. An anniversary of sorts, darling. Time to celebrate.

It’s so dark here in the middle of the woods but I don’t need the light anyways. I know just where to find you; I’ve been here so many times. Quiet—even the crickets are holding their breath in anticipation of seeing you again. The sound of the shovel echoes off the trees. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you with it. I’ll only dig so far and then I’ll use my hands.

The damp soil sticks to my fingers slowing my search for you. I long to touch you again, it’s been too long. Finally I feel the rough canvas and my heart skips a beat. I grab my bag and pull it over to the edge of the hole. With shaking hands, I peel back your burial shroud and gasp.

Your bones are stunning. They almost glow with impatience. You want to come back to me. I gently cradle each piece of you into my arms and carefully tuck it into the soft leather satchel I chose just for you. Let’s go home, Love.

Ribs and femurs, tiny delicate wrist and inner ear bones laid out carefully. I kiss each segment, each part of a whole that I love before adding it to the collection. Now, it will take time, but we must rebuild our relationship. You’ll like the new face I’ve chosen for you. When I saw her, it was like looking at you again for the first time. I’ve been practicing since you left, you see, this time I won’t make the same mistakes I did when you were in her shoes.

Good Morning, Darling. I’m here, I haven’t left you. Today, we will begin by dipping each bone in wax, molding, sculpting it back into you. You see? I’ve learned. I know I can’t use so much flesh now. It rots away, just look at yourself if you don’t believe me. I can’t watch you go through that again. Your arms, your legs, your neck and torso will all be sculpted wax around your bones. But your head, your lovely, perfectly shaped cranium will be covered with the softest porcelain flesh. Did I tell you that her hair is the color of wild honey, like yours? Your new face and scalp will dry a little over time, but that’s fine; we’ll age together. I promise I won’t be so critical of your imperfections. I won’t ever try to replace them as I once did. I was so young and foolish.

Now, my Love, do you forgive me? Do you see this face? Didn’t I tell you she was lovely? Oh, she didn’t want to give it up, but I made my point eventually. Don’t mind the scratches, they will heal. I had to cut the ears off separately, but I will be sure they are perfectly aligned. Oh, it will feel so good to hold you in my arms again. You don’t know how many times I wished I could go get you and bring you to my bed and hold you all night, but you were such an obstinate girl, always trying to leave me. You won’t leave me now, will you? You know of all the girls who’ve stood where you once stood, you will always be my first, my best, my favorite.

Happy Anniversary Darling, let me help you put on your face.


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