New Generation of Biological Weapons

Prompt Day #219: Portray a feeble character whose strength is that he or she senses too much or too little.

Let me start this one by saying that I am using the word feeble loosely here. I am in no way implying that autistics are feeble-minded or feeble in muscle strength. I think the general public views them in this way. My son has a mild form of autism and my nephew, unfortunately, has a much more severe form. They’re my heroes though and when I use someone with autism in my stories, it’s because they are so underestimated. They are brilliant and they see the world in the most unique ways. They make great protagonists if you ask me.


New Generation of Biological Weapons

Case #34211682

Code Name: Black Cloud

P.M. Class X Bioweapon

Statement of Twin Sister 9-17-2015


No one is pure good you know, except my brother. Paul wouldn’t hurt a fly. He loves people, he finds them fascinating. He loves to go to the mall or a busy park or a city. That’s weird for someone with severe autism, you know? They typically don’t do well in crowds or social situations. He won’t talk to you though. He’s a selective mute. He doesn’t talk to anyone but me. He wouldn’t even talk to mom and dad. He doesn’t even act like he misses them. Maybe he doesn’t realize they’re gone.

But you don’t care about that, do you? You want to hear about Paul’s “powers”, right? Well, he can see things in us that no one else can. He sees our deepest, darkest secrets, our fears, our sins, all those little evil things we fantasize about or act upon. Things we try to hide even from ourselves. Paul can see that. That’s why I think he likes watching people. It’s like a reality TV show for him.

He drew me a picture once of what exactly he is seeing. It looks like this roiling black ball of this cloudy substance sitting right in our solar plexus. Paul says he can read the “clouds” and they show all the bad things that person did or wants to do. He can also see things they are afraid of. Things they might not even know they are afraid of. That’s how good Paul is. And you know, he’s never wrong.

The first time I learned about this, we were 16 and I took him with me prom dress shopping. He likes sparkly things. There was a man in the store, who I assumed was waiting for his daughter. Paul told me that the man was looking for a girl to kidnap and do bad things to her. He was so certain, so serious and I believed him. So, we did the only thing that made sense. We followed him around the mall. We watched him follow a girl out to the parking lot where he managed to say something to her, and she ended up getting into his car. We followed them, Paul memorized his license plate. I called the police after we saw him pull into his garage.

I probably don’t need to tell you what they found. The house full of dead girls or at least parts of girls, other parts buried in his backyard. When they got there, the girl he took from the mall was already dead. Paul and I felt defeated. The only thing was, who could we tell? Who would believe us that everyone’s evil is kept in a mass of storm clouds just below our hearts? I took Paul to the police station where we sat watching cops. I made up a story about my car getting broken into and gave a statement. Meanwhile Paul looked for someone who would believe us.

And that’s when we found Detective Abrams. He listened, he took us to dinner and then we went to the mall. Paul picked out a wife beater. The next week it was a rapist, and then he found the DA’s mistress who was at that moment talking to a hired hitman to take out the guy’s wife! That’s how Detective Abrams ended up police commissioner and I’m guessing that’s also how you found out about us.

But listen, Paul, like I said, he’s good. You can’t start using him as a weapon. I mean taking dangerous people off the street, we’ll help all we can with that, but using him to discover someone’s deepest fears and use them against them for whatever, torture, intelligence, I don’t know what you guys do, but it’s not right and we’re not interested in helping you. Now, where is Paul, he’s gotta be scared to death. I want to see my brother.


At this point, subject became emotionally unstable and needed to be sedated. She was then taken to a holding facility until further questioning could take place.