Leaving It All Behind

Prompt Day #222: Describe a séance from the viewpoint of the spirit realm.


Leaving It All Behind


Death is like a dream. You wander around from scene to scene but you don’t really notice when the scenes change, you just accept it. There are no laws of physics here. Sometimes the air is thick and you muck threw it and other times, it’s like you’re floating along. Your mortal life lingers in the background like something familiar; a déjà vu, but you don’t miss it. You don’t feel the loss your loved ones feel when you depart. If there is a heaven or hell here, I haven’t seen it. And I haven’t seen any family members who passed before me. Everyone I see are just walk-on characters, occasionally sharing a word or two but for the most part, they are the people you don’t see in the background of your vacation photographs. Death is a solo affair, here you’re on your own, but you don’t mind.

I should tell you about the bubbles. You know, like bubbles little kids blow on a breezy summer day? They’re part of the atmosphere here. They grow from the ground or on trees and then float through the air like pollen. They aren’t fragile like those you know. They can be held, peered into, or listened to. I call them Thought Bubbles because I’ve discovered they carry within them messages from those you left behind. Every time they think of you or dream of you or even speak to you, a new bubble grows. If you catch one and hold it to your ear, you can hear their voice. Sometimes you can look into the bubble and see them too. It’s nice to know you haven’t been forgotten. I suppose as time goes on, the bubbles will gradually go away and the trees will be barren. Time here is difficult to estimate though, so I try to collect as many as I can and carry them with me.

What I have never seen before until today was a bubble bigger than me. I saw it though, hovering on the horizon. I headed towards it, confused but curious. Distance is also unpredictable and the bubble was in front of me and then before I could move, on top of me. I heard the echoes of voices coming from within it just before it engulfed me and I was trapped inside. Inside it was warm and dark except where I peered down through my feet. There, I could see a flicker of orange light: candles.

“If you’re with us, send us a sign by knocking three times.” An unfamiliar voice called out to me, I assumed. She’d sent this bubble to trap me after all. I knocked on the bubble-side thrice.

“Oliver, your wife is here and she wants to ask you for forgiveness. Do you forgive her? Please send a sign; perhaps a gust of wind or a sound.” The voice said. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about. I mean I remembered having a wife, Beatrice. But there is no anger here or regret, if she had wronged me in any way, I was no longer affected by it. I wanted to send a sign, wanted her to stop worrying. I put my hand to the floor of the bubble and felt significant energy flowing through me. I called out Beatrice. I collapsed. I felt weaker, thinner even. It was stuffy in the bubble and I wanted out.

“Oh Oliver!” This time I knew the voice of my wife. “I do love you and miss you so.”

I felt no pain at this, but her agony made it stuffy in the bubble and I found myself bent towards the floor sucking at the air coming through from the other side. I pounded on the floor; I didn’t have the strength to call out again, besides, what would I say?

“Oliver, your mother is with us as well and asks on your happiness and the wellbeing of your late father.” The strange voice asked. I sighed, would I never be released? How had they trapped me inside this horrible thing? I wanted out. I was no longer bound to the Earth or the mortal relationships that once held me there. I longed to go back to the surreal world I now inhabited. I had no use for tears or happiness. I stood with much difficulty and pushed on the wall of the bubble. Nothing. I pounded. Nothing. I threw myself against one side and then the other. I could tell that my actions were causing equal reactions on the other side. The light from the candles waivered madly and I could hear screams and sobs from the group. My mother, my wife and the woman leading this soulnapping, perhaps others; cousins, sisters, my brother perhaps? I hoped that this fright would cause them to abandon their pursuit of my afterlife but I could still find no release.

“Aaaarrrgghh! Nooooo!” I shouted with all my energy.

The bubble popped. I was sitting on the ground of a warm, sunny field. I fell back into the soft grass. I looked at my hands, they were see through. I’d used so much energy just trying to interact with my former life, I almost lost myself in this one. No more, I decided. No more bubbles of any kind. It was time to move on, to leave the past behind. I felt the weight of my soul return as soon as I’d made the decision. I sat up. Across the field stood a group of people, many of whom, I recognized. I could just make out a large bridge in the grey mist behind them.

I stood up and made my way to the next phase of existence.