Black Mirror

Prompt Day #227: Show a character using a mirror in some creative fashion during a suicide attempt or murder.

So this is the prompt I was supposed to do last night. I’m not sure it is worth the wait, lol. I struggled a lot with the premise and the ending. But, hey, it’s done and it may not be the best but I don’t think it’s the worst either.

Black Mirror


The black mirror would make a perfect birthday gift for Alexis, Rory thought. She ran her fingers around the filigreed frame. She knew she’d find something perfect at Haunted Odds. It was their favorite store to visit every Saturday. Everything they sold was creepy or supposedly cursed.

“You like that mirror?” The old woman who ran the store had come up behind her. Rory jumped and looked again at the mirror wondering why it was that the woman’s reflection hadn’t warned her. The mirror showed nothing, only Rory’s own face. No background of the shop reflected either.

“It’s weird. I love the black surface, it looks like obsidian, but I can only see me in it.” Rory said.

The old woman nodded. “Uhyup, that’s right, it’s waiting for you to claim it, and then it’ll show you what you want.”

“So, if I buy it, then all of a sudden it will start working? That’s a good trick considering the ‘All Sales are Final’ policy” Rory said. The woman creeped her out. She always followed them around when they came in the store, always bringing them items to look at. She wished she could just shop in peace.

“You got some power in you, girl. I’ve been watching you for a long time. Claim the mirror. If you can make it work for you, I’ll give it to you, it’s yours.” She said

“Really?” Rory had checked the price tag just before the woman spoke up. It was marked 150 bucks. “Ok, how do I make it work?”

“This mirror belonged to Marie Laveau, a powerful voodoo priestess. You look deep into the reflection and call out the name of someone you wish to see three times. If you are the proper owner, it will show you. You will see them as they peer at their own reflection.” She said caressing the frame in a mimicry of Rory’s own admiring touch.

“Ok” Rory said and leaned in until her own reflection came into perfect focus. She focused on her own eyes and decided to see what Alexis was up to since she was the reason Rory was there in the first place. “Alexis. Alexis. Alexis” She said with deep concentration. She let Alexis’s face come to the forefront of her mind. She stared hard at the mirror until her own face blurred and warped. A small round light appeared reflecting a purple room with skull posters on the wall. Holy shit, Rory thought, I’m looking at Alexis’s room, through the make-up mirror on her vanity.

She leaned closer. She wanted to see on the bed. All of a sudden the image shifted downward and there was Alexis but she wasn’t alone and she was naked. Rory gasped. Alexis was having sex with Dominic. Dominic was Rory’s boyfriend of three years. They were planning to get an apartment together after this semester ended.

“Oh my God” was all she could think of to say and then “those assholes, I’m going to kill them.” She whirled around. The woman was standing patiently behind her with the faintest smile on her face. She was rubbing her hands together and Rory had a flashback to the movie Snow White where the witch took on the disguise of an old peddler woman. If the shopkeeper had offered Rory an apple just then, she might have run.

“I need this mirror, seriously” she said to the woman. She wanted to take it home and spy on those two cheaters in private.

“It’s yours.” The woman said. She pulled off the price tag. “Be careful, Lovey. There’s a lot of power in this thing.” She handed the mirror to Rory. It was heavy and yet the old crone had lifted it like it was paper.

“Thanks, really.” Rory said and headed towards the exit. She had no time to discuss the mirror’s powers any further.


She bee-lined to her room as soon as she got home and propped the mirror against the headboard of her bed. She sat down cross-legged and called up Alexis again. There they were still at it. This time she saw the back of Dominic’s head between Alexis’s thighs. She saw the white scar lines running across her friend’s pale legs one after the other, like notebook paper. Didn’t that gross Dom out? Did he care at all how fucked up Alexis really was? Alexis cut because she thought it was cool. Her whole depressed, Goth look was an act. She was the most spoiled rotten little rich girl Rory had ever met. Pain was nothing more than a fad to Alexis. Eventually, she’d probably have the scars removed by a plastic surgeon.

The hate Rory held in her heart for the both of them right then held her tightly to the black mirror. She watched as the sexual session went on. Her heart was pounding, she wanted them to die. Finally Dominic got up and said something to Alexis. She nodded and pointed to her bathroom door. He walked in and shut the door. He’s showering Rory thought. It was Dom’s thing. He could not sleep after sex unless he showered. He didn’t like feeling sticky and sweaty.

Alexis sat up in bed and chewed on her thumbnail. And she’s thinking about what they just did, and feels guilty. She’s trying to come up with an alibi. Rory knew those two better than anyone. Alexis got up and walked over to her make-up mirror. Rory pulled back a bit. Alexis was staring right at her. They made eye contact and all of a sudden, Alexis’s demeanor changed. Her face lost all expression. Can she see me? Rory wondered. She lifted her hand and waved it slowly back and forth. Alexis did the same, at the same time, as if she was Rory’s reflection. Rory leaned in, so did Alexis. Rory stuck her tongue out, Alexis did the same. Rory glanced down and saw Alexis’s razorblade lying on the vanity. Rory reached down in front of herself as if she was grabbing the razor in the same place. Alexis picked her razor up. Rory mimed slitting her wrists, Alexis followed through. Blood spurted up like a geyser, spraying the mirror in a fan of droplets.

Rory sat back from the mirror. She was panting, sweat dripped into her eyes. Her friend blinked drowsily, her pale face slack. She watched Alexis slump further and further down her chair, her left arm dangling off the side allowing gravity to suck the last bit of life out of her. Rory could not believe what had just happened. Surely there was some trickery here, otherwise why would the old woman have given it up for free?

Dominic came walking out of the bathroom then, the movement caught Rory’s attention. She watched slack-jawed as he stopped and surveyed the scene. She saw the panicked look on his face and knew that his next move would be running both hands back through his hair as he tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he reached down and grabbed Alexis’s good wrist and palpated. He dropped it then and scrambled around the room, grabbing his clothes. He put them on and looking back once, left the room.

“No more.” Rory said and sat back. When she finally caught her breath, she grabbed the mirror and shoved it under her bed. This was all a prank. Of course it had to be. Alexis would know Rory would go to Haunted Odds to shop for a birthday gift. So, somehow she set the whole thing up. She couldn’t explain seeing the two of them having sex but it hurt her head to think any more on it. She curled up in bed and tried to sleep. When she woke up in the morning, this would all be a bad dream. And she’d go shopping for a gift for Alexis’s party that night.

The ringing phone woke her up with a jerk. Half asleep, she mumbled a greeting.

“Ror, Oh my god, Ror, have you heard?” It was her mother. Rory sat up and all the memories came flooding back from the night before.

“What happened? Are you ok?” she asked innocently.

“Honey, sit down, I’m on my way home. We’ll talk when I get there. Don’t watch the news or take anymore phone calls.” Her mother hung up.

It was no surprise to Rory, but a confirmation of the evil within the mirror that Alexis was dead by an apparent suicide. She hadn’t heard from Dominic but should she call him, pretend that she didn’t know? She wasn’t sure she could do that.

She slid the mirror out from under the bed and called on Dom. He was sitting on his bed with his earphones on, tapping his knees along with the beat. Rory could imagine what was going on in his head just then and she found herself feeling sorry for him.

No. She wouldn’t feel bad for him. In fact, she owed him something, Alexis didn’t betray Rory all by herself. Look at me, Look at me, Look at me. She willed him. She knew she was looking through the full length mirror on his closet door. He looked up quickly at the mirror as if he’d heard her. Once eye contact was made he took on the same expression Alexis had. Rory tried the wave, the tongue wag, and tilted her head back and forth. He moved in synchronicity. She played wrapping the headphone wires around her neck and tied a slip knot. He did the same. She pulled the free end then with all her might harder and harder, watching his face turn red, then purple, then black. He dropped to the ground but the knot stayed tight, digging into his flesh.

She watched as his mother came running in at the sound of him hitting the floor. She saw the woman panic as she checked for a pulse and tried to pull the wires away. But Rory knew it was too late. Romeo had succumbed at the loss of Juliet.

“How romantic” Rory said and laughed. The laughed broke the spell she had been under. The power she’d felt as she controlled the fate of her one time friends was gone. The old lady was right, this mirror was dangerous. She had to put a stop to it, she couldn’t take the chance of using it again. She threw it on the floor. It bounced but did not break. She stomped on it and it shattered.

The black glass glinted on the floor in perfect shards. She picked up a handful and squeezed. The blood worked its way out between fingers and the grooves of her fist. It was calming actually. Maybe Alexis had been onto something after all. She grabbed a shard and drew it lightly across her forearm and watched the blood bead up along the line. She ran the shard down her cheeks; first one and then the other. Her tears were blood now. There was so much relief in each pass of the shard across her skin. All of a sudden she felt the need to purge the whole experience out of her mind, the deaths of her closest friends were frozen in her mind’s eye. She had to let it out. If she could open a passage to those visions, she would be able to forget the part she played and would feel no more guilt. Without further thought she took a shard in each hand and plunged them deep into her eyes. She felt a pop and wetness ooze down her face. One side was Alexis and the other was Dom. They were gone and now all that was left was darkness, a black mirror in her mind.