Baptized by Fire

Prompt Day #239: Free write the stream-of-consciousness of a witch burning at the stake.

 I know this one isn’t all that long, but I’ve seen the pyres where they burned witches and other heretics, I don’t think it took long and truly, even if it did, how long could you maintain conscious thought in that condition.

I took the prompt literally. I know most, if not all the people burned at the stake were innocent and certainly not actual witches. But I know if the belief in that time period was that strong, there had to be those who did practice witchcraft, who did indeed believe they made a pact with the Devil.  I think if I was in that position, I would focus on my anger and hatred and try not to give my executioners the satisfaction of my suffering. I would try like hell (haha no pun intended) to give them something to fear for the rest of their lives. Or at least I imagine I would.

Baptized by Fire


Look at them all, so smug. Think they know everything about this world and that which exists beyond it. Think their “God” is the righteous and almighty one. Think He’s going to step in and save you from the evil you do in his name? I’ll show you evil.

They hold the fire yet I see fear in their eye. They’ll see none in mine. I am not afraid but they should be. I am bound by my earthly flesh, by its limitations, but once I am released of it, all will pay. Every single one of them and their children and their children’s children until nothing remains of their line, until I have burned away every tiny shred of their existence.

Let the fire consume me like a lover. Let the flames devour me and should I scream, let it be in pleasure. Let me not suffer, let me not feel pain as it forces itself into me and suckles at my breast. It is naught but my dark Lord releasing me from my bonds. Let me not feel pain, let me not feel pain, let me not feel…..

Aaaaahhhh, release me soul from this horrid condition. Release my soul so that I can shower this hatred upon mine enemies. Hold on to the rage, hold on to the hate, hold on to all that they have done to me. Mark each soul that I can return with this memory of what they’ve done to me.

I pray to thee, Dark One, take me. Take me, have I not suffered enough to prove my devotion? I am baptized in your fire, I swallow it and take it into the pit of me

Do not scream, do not let them know what they’ve done, hold on to this. Hold on to it and take it with you. I cannot bear it. I cannot see, I cannot breathe, I cannot bear this. I cannot….



2 thoughts on “Baptized by Fire

  1. Completely off the topic of witch hunting and burning I was thinking about The Last of the Mohicans when reading this when Duncan was burnt by the hurons…now that would be a massive twist if it turned out he was, randomly, a witch all along haha


    • The Petulant Muse says:

      Wow. That is a little off topic but funny. It just goes to show you how our “art” is interpreted by different people. I love that it can get your imagination going. That’s what it’s all about. 🙂

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