Supernatural Sniglets

Prompt Day #242: Without stopping to edit yourself, brainstorm a list of random words you associate with the term “natural.” Do that before continuing. No peeking….Okay….done? Now read your list word-by-word in turn, and mentally extend it into the territory of the “supernatural” instead. Jot down any new ideas that occur.

Let me just give a quick PSA: I’ve been on vacation and while I did try to keep up with my writing while spending the days with my family, halfway through, I got sick. Like GI bug sick. Like I couldn’t eat anything, feel like I am dying and all I can do is sleep sick. I fell way behind on my prompts. More behind than I have ever been this entire year so far. But life happens and you roll with the punches. I’m home and feeling a bit better so I’m rolling as best I can. I quickly finished this one that I had been working on it when I got sick, did the next one which I had already worked out in my head and then I skipped a few to one I knew would be short and sweet. Tomorrow, I will hopefully have four more to post. And then I should be mostly caught up (I think). Bare with and try to be understanding if these aren’t real long or even my best work. I can’t afford to get behind, I have to finish on time so I can devote myself to my studies for my Master’s degree.

Supernatural Sniglets

                In the 1980’s Rich Hall had an HBO show called Not Necessarily the News. On that show he would do this segment called Sniglets. Sniglets were words made up for things that didn’t have a word for them but should. Now, I was too young to watch the show, but there was a book with his collection of sniglets that I somehow found and managed to talk my mom into purchasing. I thought it was hilarious. When I started this prompt, I did not intend to make it into a list of sniglets, it kind of just happened (Although, I do realize these are all actual words versus a true sniglet which is a made up word, that would go too far from the prompt I suspect).


Part I/II.

Organic/Organic Cannibal: A cannibal that consumes only flesh that has not been altered by plastic surgery, steroids, or artificial body parts

Fresh/Fresh Corpse: The best kind to obtain for reanimation experiments

Naked/Naked Goose Flesh: Typically seen during a murder scene in a 1980’s serial killer movie

Free/Free Spirit: The state one’s soul is in prior to passing through the one way only door into the after-life. This is the state that can be prolonged as a ghost, poltergeist, or phantom

Clean/Clean-picked remains: The best kind to obtain to make eating utensils/serving dishes

Bare/Bare Bones: See above

Untouched/Untouched by Evil: The ideal state for one chosen as a sacrifice

Original/Original Sin: A murder or other torture that has never before been documented.

Virginal/Virginal Sacrifice: Alternative to a sacrifice untouched by evil, a virginal sacrifice has probably been touched by evil at least but is better than nothing

Green/Green Mist: An aura-like mist that surrounds one about to die, seen only by a select few that have been untouched by evil.