Conceiving the Cambion

Prompt Day #253: Seduce a specter

Via Wikipedia:

Incubus: An incubus is a demon in male form who, according to mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon women in order to engage in sexual activity with them.

Cambion: In mythology and literature, a cambion /ˈkæmbiən/ is the offspring of an “incubus or succubus” and a human.

Conceiving the Cambion

                Holly had done the research. As soon as the test results came in affirming that she would never be able to have a baby, she knew what she had to do. David didn’t know. He didn’t know about the test results and he didn’t know her motives for this trip. He would have laughed at her or worse forbid her to go at all. She could not take that risk.

But now, this was the only option and she was taking the risk. She’d told David she needed a getaway; she told him a part truth that the stress of the last year had left her exhausted. At first, he objected. Not to her request but to her choice of locale.

“Banff? As in Canada?” He surveyed her face for some sign of humor.

“There is a beautiful old castle like hotel there with all the modern conveniences. It has a spa and everything.” She answered. He nodded and it was as easy as that.

Now, here she was. She looked up at the massive castle with its backdrop of snow-capped mountains. She breathed deeply. The air was delicious here; crisp and cool like an apple. She carried her bag inside refusing help from the myriad of bellmen who offered their services. No, she was hoping for a very special bellman, one with a Scottish accent. An older gentleman who would help her with her bags or show her to her room. The problem was, based on all the stories she’d read, he usually disappeared when someone tried to talk to him or tip him. This would be her challenge: she needed to keep him in her room.

Holly arrived unaided to her room which was fine. She had some preparation to do anyways. She assessed the room. The bed would need to be pulled away from the wall. She started with that before unpacking. The four poster, king sized behemoth was almost her undoing. She pulled and strained until finally collapsing on the floor in tears. She’d come all this way. This had to work.

The bed moved. Holly snapped her head up and stared. She watched as it seemed to inch itself further and further away from the wall until it was exactly where she wanted it. She saw no one, no shadow or mist.

“Sam?” she asked timidly. She stood and swept her arm out in front of her as if blind. She was feeling for the cold spot she’d learned would signify the presence of a specter. “I need your help. Please, if it’s you, show me.” Nothing. “Thank you, whoever you are.” Her voice cracked, this was it, her only chance; she had to keep it together.

She unpacked: four white candles, a handful of rose quartz crystals, some red wine, and a Ouija board. Setting up her circular alter around the bed, she lit the candles, turned off the light and disrobed. Holly used the Ouija to attempt to call out to Sam, the kindly ghost of the Banff Springs Hotel.

She felt the goosebumps as they performed the wave up and down her body before realizing the temperature in the room had dropped enough so that she could see her breath. She took the planchette and set the board aside. Lying back onto the bed and spreading her legs, she began to rub the planchette all over her body as sensually as she could.

“Come to me, Sam, help me.” She begged. “Make me pregnant, I need you.”

She opened her eyes. At the foot of the bed, she saw breath that did not belong to her. The vapor was at the height of a man standing at the foot of the bed between her feet. She held her arms out.

“Make love to me” she said and began masturbating with the Ouija’s communication device. Everything she’d read about engaging in a sexual interaction with a spirit had suggested working oneself into frenzy of desire in order to entice the specter.

She felt the weight on the bed between her feet and her legs felt as if they’d been submerged in ice water. The planchette flew from her hand. There was a stinging pain left in its place suggesting it had been violently slapped away. She had little time to focus on this before the stabbing pain erupted within her pelvis. Scenes from Fatal Attraction strobed in her mind as her body was held down onto the mattress practically suffocating her while an ice pick of pain pierced her again and again. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, not that she would have been able to get a deep enough breath to do so. The blood that began to flow out of her was hot lava compared to her frozen thighs.

When she thought she would pass out from the pain, it stopped. She found that she still could not move. Lying there, paralyzed, she watched as her stomach began to protrude, bloating outward in a mockery of pregnancy. She watched in horror, wondering if she was bleeding internally.

And then the baby moved inside her. She gasped. The pain, the blood, the cold…none of it mattered anymore. She flexed her head up as far as she could to watch the miracle growing inside her. She had no idea what to expect from a spirit pregnancy. The weight on the bed was gone, the room began to warm and Holly found that she could move again.

She placed a protective hand on her belly as she clumsily got up off the bed. She blew out the candles first and when she bent over to pick up the rose quartz, her water broke. Labor pains ripped through her middle. She bent over, holding onto the bed to steady herself. She breathed through the contraction before getting back into the bed.


The complaints about a baby screaming and crying came in from multiple patrons on the sixth floor. Each individually had traced it back to room 623. The callers stated they knocked repeatedly at the door of the room but no one answered. The room itself had been registered to a Holly McAllister. She was listed as staying in the room alone, no children were listed as staying with her. A call was made to the number listed in her registration but there was no answer. Management made the decision to enter the room.

The naked, bloodied corpse of Holly McAllister was found lying on the bed. Sitting between her legs where the majority of the blood was pooled, was a male child approximately eighteen months of age. The child, too, was nude and also covered in blood. Upon further inspection, it appeared that the little boy had been feeding on the corpse of his mother. The unknown boy was placed in protective services and the body was removed discretely. The spiritual and ceremonial paraphernalia was quietly collected and destroyed. The hotel was not proud of its haunted history and this would certainly sensationalize it. The cause of death was listed as exposure and the official report stated the victim was found in the woods one mile from the hotel and the assumption of authorities was she had gone hiking and got lost, succumbing to exposure and the body partially consumed by wildlife.

The infant was placed in foster care and underwent a closed adoption after no missing child reports were filed.