Getting Nailed

Prompt Day #259: Describe a notoriously painful experience (root canal, etc.) from the viewpoint of a character who finds it pleasurable.

Getting Nailed


After I saw the procedure on line, I did the research. I started cutting my toenails much too short and rounded. I wore tight, pointed-toe shoes. Everything I could do, I did. I wanted to feel my nail pried off, cut and cauterized. I would refuse the lidocaine block of course. Oh yes, I wanted to feel every excruciating maneuver.

I stood outside out the doctor’s office feeling the throbbing in my toe. I added more weight to that foot. It felt like an orgasm that just wouldn’t quit. Part of me wanted to turn around and go home. Let it fester, let it swell up and turn red. But then, I pictured the blood in the video and propelled myself forward to sign in.

“Well, this definitely needs to be removed” the doctor said. I loved the way he held my foot in his smooth strong hand. His thumb gently brushing the side of my arch as he inspected the violaceous swelling along the nail’s edge. It throbbed almost as if in response.

“I can’t take much more, Doctor.” I said biting my lower lip seductively. “Do you have time to do it today?”

Within minutes I was moved to his procedure room with my foot strapped into a sort of stirrup. I was so turned on, my heart pounded, I was sweaty. The doctor looked at me and smiled reassuringly.

“Nothing to worry about, I won’t start anything until I’m sure you’re nice and numb.” He said and patted my ankle. I jumped and held me hand out when he picked up the needle.

“No! Stop. I don’t want you to numb it.” I said stammering out “because, ah, it makes me shaky and um, well, I really don’t feel pain that much.” Of course I feel pain, I just don’t necessarily process it in the same way most people do.

I was a foot fetishist first and foremost. Not that I get off on other people’s feet, I get off on people touching mine. I don’t know where that started but I needed more and more foot manipulation to orgasm. It wasn’t long until I had tried just about everything I could with my feet and started dabbling in pain. Walking on hot coals, foot binding, and even having my toe nails pulled out. The more torturous, the better. Now, here I was waiting for a professional to torture my foot in a way no one else could. I liked pain, but it had to be safe.

He sat there, syringe in hand, paused and staring at me. I think at first he was just trying to determine if I was joking, and so I held his gaze right back until finally he set the syringe back down.

“Of course, I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do, but I feel it’s prudent to tell you that without anesthesia, it will be almost unbearable.” He stared at me. Blood pumped into my toe again and again.

“It’s ok. I’m tough.” I assured him and I wriggled my toes at him. He watched them a minute longer, nodded and turned to his stand.

“First, I need to tie a piece of suture around the base of your toe. This will help to keep it from getting too bloody and also, it may help dull the pain a bit as well.” I was already shaking my head. What was wrong with this guy? I wanted to see a lot of blood. I wanted to feel all the pain.

“Do you have to?” I asked

“I do. I can’t have you bleeding so much that I can’t see what I am doing.”

“Ok, well just don’t tie it too tight.” I squirmed a little with anticipation.

He began with a sharp metal file looking instrument and rammed it under my cuticle. Oh, the pain radiated up my leg, it was such a deep sensation. He ran it along the edges where the skin met the nail. Then he used a sharp little pair of scissors to cut the nail down to its root. I squealed. I couldn’t help it. It hurt so damn good. I watched the blood well up beneath the nail and spill out of the cut edges. It was thick and warm, like red semen.

“Doing ok?” he asked. His tight latex gloves slid over my foot as he adjusted his grip. I felt my panties getting wet. I nodded. It was all I could do. If I had tried to speak, my voice would have cracked.

He didn’t notice my obvious sexual agitation. He picked up a new tool that looked like a small garden hoe and began to scrape away at the swollen tissue in my nail bed. Oh it was terribly delicious. The pain was electric. Shocks ran through my body. My muscles stiffened in response to the torment. I moaned involuntarily. My mind was no longer coherent. I was on the verge of ecstasy.

He stopped. “We’re almost done. Can you hang on?”

“Please” I said. “Don’t stop.”

He furrowed his brow and finished. He had me cleaned and bandaged minutes later. He was out of the room before I could thank him. His nurse came in with instructions. I couldn’t listen to her ramblings. I was busy shoving my swollen, raw, thickly bandaged toe into my tight shoes.

“Oh, Honey, no. Don’t do that. You’re gonna have to put this little cover on your foot and go out without a shoe. That’s gonna hurt.” She said, reaching out to stop me.

“Oh, I hope it does.” I smiled, pulled the laces tight and winked. She stared at me with eyes bulging out of her head. It was funny and I giggled a little. I took the papers from her frozen hands.

“Tell the doc I said thanks for a great time.” I walked out without waiting for her response. I was truly spent. I needed a nap. I drove myself home wondering how I could ever top this; the best sexual experience of my life.