Spell 13

Prompt Day #263: Write an instructional guide for making something ghastly, but don’t refer to the thing itself. Have your reader try to guess what it might be.

Spell 13


The first step is the most important and attention to detail cannot be stressed enough. First and foremost, you must watch for the death of a young person. A child if possible, but the younger, the better. Their eyes see the clearest and truest. You must go alone, near midnight to the grave. Wear gloves, do not touch the soil. Gather it in a clean aluminum bucket. (Gather extra soil, fill several buckets) At least a pound of soil will be needed for the first portion. Dig further down to the body. The eye cannot be cut out, rather it should be plucked out so that little to no damage is done to the globe itself. If possible, retrieve the orb at the stroke of midnight. You must then hurry to replace the grave as it was when you arrived and hurry home. All work must be completed before sun-up.

Mix the soil of the dead with distilled/purified water to form a clay. This should be molded around the eye and left in the sun for three days to dry.

During the three days of drying the watch-eye, you must gather the bodies of dead animals. The number you gather depends on the size and type. It is best to macerate or grind the bodies as much as you can prior to rendering them down for tallow. If weather permits, rendering in a large vat over an open flame is best as the odors of rendering can certainly seep into your home and furnishings. The rendering will take time as well and you must render enough to equal the weight of a grown man. This you will mix with the fresh, untouched cemetery soil gathered earlier. This will form a strong clay. In the evening of the third day, you will fashion, by candle light the body of a small man. Do not waste time trying to make him realistic or pretty as you must complete this task in one night. Do pay attention to details only of his hands, feet and mouth. Be sure that the legs are of equal length or he will limp. The mouth must be carved deep and a secret pocket formed within it. As dawn nears, scoop out a portion in the center of your creations forehead. Here you will place the watch-eye. When this is done, cover it with a cloth before the dawn’s light touches the body.

Now it is time to prepare the animation scroll. Return once more to the graveyard at midnight where you will dig a one foot square of the blackest earth. Place this into a mortar with silver shavings. Using a pestle, grind this mixture to a fine powder. Add to this powder your own blood to form ink. Using this ink and a quill, inscribe on unblemished calf’s skin parchment the animation incantation I have provided in the appendix of this Grimoire. On the other side write only the name of the person you wish to murder. Fold this parchment in half seven times and place into the secret compartment in the mouth of your creation.

Once this is done, your creation will come alive to do your bidding. It cannot be stopped in its orders against its creator’s will. Think well upon this before endeavoring to create this life. For once commanded, only removing the parchment will put an end to its mission of bringing death to the creator’s worst enemy as recorded upon the parchment. Once its mission is completed, it will return to the earth from whence it was formed. Death to death, ashes to ashes.