The Blob: Pity the Villain

Prompt Day #268: Write a monster’s monologue under the influence of truth serum.


The Blob

Pity the Villain

                On my home planet, the gravity is different. We have a shape there, we’re taller and thinner and we have a bipedal locomotion similar to humans except that we look much like a fish would as it tried to walk on its tail fin. As you know, we have no eyes, no skin, no tactile sensation. In order to determine some thing’s characteristics, we have to bring it into us, roll it around our bellies, and then pass it out.

I had a problem. From a young age I couldn’t help myself; I ate everything I took inside. An eating disorder, I guess you’d call it. I was a nervous kid, always studying myself, my shape, the way I moved. Everything about me seemed off, different than the others in my same division line. At first, my parent globule said it was glandular and I would get over it. But I didn’t. It got worse. I began sneaking out at night and eating things. Things I had no business eating, things I was already familiar with. I couldn’t help myself and I didn’t stop until I was huge. Filled with everything that crossed my path that night. I had to roll home and use all my momentum to ooze through the door.

I spread out on the floor and fell into what you would call a sleep. When I came to consciousness again, I’d been trimmed and fitted into a traveling stone. The others told me I had to leave. My parent globule said that Earth was a “green planet” where I would get healthy. It took so long to get here. Coming through the atmosphere, my rock broke into many pieces. When I finally landed, the rock was meant to break open but it didn’t. I worked madly trying to find even the smallest crevice through which I could slide.

Suddenly, the rock split open and a large creature with some primitive weapon was stabbing it at me. I leaped and tasted…the hunger, long denied, awoke within me. I was stressed, I was afraid, and once again, I felt like an outsider. The creature’s texture was like nothing I had ever eaten; chewy on the outside, but crunchy on the inside. It was like no junk food I’d ever had. It made me feel whole. Before I knew what I was doing I had finished it and gobbled up two more.

I grew bigger and more depressed. I was sent here to get better. To overcome my eating disorder, and what did I do? I binged. I was so miserable, I slunk off. I meant to go back to my rock but ended up eating another one of those treats on my way. I lost all control. I was mad with an emotional hunger, I wanted to fill a deep void within me that said “you are nothing but a giant blob of goo.” I was. Here on Earth, the gravity pulled me low and squat. I was a fat, amorphous being. I found a whole box of these creatures and I just oozed in and ate them all. I was out of control and I knew it. I was bloated and had let myself go to the point that I was gigantic. I just didn’t care. At this size, I’d never get back to my home and if I did, I would be just as much a monster there as I was here.

Part of me wished I could communicate with them. Tell them to run away, beg them to help me stop. Instead, they just kept gathering together like fools. They tried to feed me other things; wires that sent orgasmic vibrations through my being. I, like my hunger, my shame, my disease, could not be stopped.

And then, I was stopped. Frozen. I was turned to stone like the one I traveled here in hoping for a cure. In my frozen state, I sat waiting, thinking, promising myself that if given the chance, I would change. I would beat my disorder. Time passed and I began to wonder if I would get another chance, if everyone had forgotten me. Depression set in and my urges came right back. Now, I’m thawed out, so you can study me; try to understand my motives. You think the intervening years have given you the technology to stop me. Well, tell me, what do you think now? Have you sympathy for the devil? Pity the villain? Will you suffer the victim of an eating disorder just because of the food they choose to eat?

Would you like to know what I think now? I think I’m hungry.